Great Expectations

I've been doing a bit of soul searching lately. It was bound to happen. You see my son turns one in a couple of days so it's the perfectly cliché time to think about the past year ...more


My blog is an attempt to find humor while I fail attempt to conceive baby #2. I try out a variety of products for a "quick fix," but ultimately find that I simply need to talk to my midwife about my issues. Hilarity ensues....more

Singing To Your Baby

Singing To Your Baby ...more

Pregnancy & Body Image: Illustrated in Women's Words

We interviewed more than 400 women for our new body image guide, Does This Pregnancy Make Me Look Fat? When we asked expectant mothers to describe their bodies, there was little hesitation....more

G. stands for GIRL

Ok. The baby does NOT live in My (nor Your) stomach! (Very ...more

Maternity Clothing and a chat with designer

Go to to see an interesting interview with fashion designer Liz Lange about maternity clothing!  ...more

Pregnancy! It's a Big, Fat Surprise!

Julia Grovenburg is pregnant with Jillian.And Hudson.And they weren't conceived at the same time.But they might be born at the same time.But if they were actually born on their due dates, they'd be born in different years. One this year, one in 2010.It's called "superfetation."My head hurts.HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?Apparently, it happens all the time to rabbits....more

I would be interested to know how super-fetation is diagnosed.  I can see it if someone ...more

My Labor Day

A few of you have asked about my labor story so in honor of Little Ricky's 3 month birthday, here goes.(For the squeamish in the crowd and/or the menfolk, I will try to be vague whenever possible and limit the use of words like cervix and placenta.)(Oops, just used them. Sorry.)In order to really get the gist of the story I have to backup a few weeks to May 23. On May 23 I had my weekly check-up and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was 1 cm dilated!...more

Babies come out of where?! Explaining childbirth to kids

I was due to give birth to my son when my daughter Ava was 2 1/2 years old. Since my husband and I were planning a home birth, we felt it was important to discuss with Ava how the baby would be born. Because she would be within earshot if not in the room when Julian was born, I wanted her to know what she may see as well as hear. ...more

I totally agree that any child who asks you this question is definitely old enough to know ...more

4 days...and counting

Well this is my first blog post. Ironically, it's in regards to my first child, who is hopefully getting ready to make an appearance in this crazy, big, scary world of ours any day now. Of all the adventures I've been on in my life (and to be honest, there have been many. If you're good, maybe someday I'll share them with you) this is by far the biggest and the scariest. As I prepare to add a new hat to my proverbial hat rack and add the title "mom" to my name, I have a lot on my mind. ...more