Oh Lord, Knit in ME!!!

Hi and welcome to my blog!This is a place where women who long to have a child can scream out to God, "Oh Lord, knit in ME!!!!!"Some of you might add a "pretty pretty please" or "a cherry on top" to your cry and that's fine. As long as no one barters any body parts or promises regular church attendance in exchange for God's answer, I'll allow it. ...more

Why new moms can’t be anywhere on time

  Why new moms can't be anywhere on time... www.diamondsanddirtydiapers.blogspot.com   1. We forget something essential for leaving the house with baby (such as the bottle, pacifier, formula, diapers..) and have to go back and get it 2. Everything is packed and ready to go, baby looks adorable..you look again and baby just pooped or spit up all over the place ...more

Dear Baby,

Right now you are 13 weeks and 6 days away from being born according to the handy-dandy calculator I found online. (Of course, I expect that you will be a little late, that’s fine – Joe thinks you have a chance at being the New Year’s Baby, but we’ll see about that). I am both eagerly anticipating and completely terrified of your arrival. ...more

Active Supervision, the Unsung Hero

Ask 100 parents if they supervise their kids, and I bet every last one will say they do.Unfortunately, as someone who works in public health, my lie detector would start beeping immediately. I know better. ...more

Congrats on your fist post - you are a blogger :)


A Mom with PPD Debates Having Another Baby

By Karen Bannister From The Momoir Project Blog @ www.themomoirproject.com ...more

Double the sweet relief!

Yesterday was my OB appointment.When I woke up that morning, naturally I starting thinking about what was coming that day.Ultrasound.Before I rolled out of bed I said to myself, 'it is what it is. good or bad you can't change it. no sense getting sad or worked up over something you can't control'.Ok... not the best pep-talk, but it was true. On with my day I went. ...more

Wanna come see my MacLaren?

This past weekend Peej and I headed to Pittsfield to be showered with baby...think 'It's Raining Men,' but with pastels. Delicious food, adorable [teensy] presents and a couple dozen of the East Coasters I like best. Also- more than five instances of "I cannot believe how HUGE you are," to which I reply: a) Believe it. ...more

Natural Childbirth: My Thoughts

I was asked by a friend to flesh out some things on natural childbirth.  She's currently pregnant with her second baby and is seriously considering it, which I am so stoked about!  The thing is, I'm not sure where to begin.  There are books and articles galore on this subject, so I thought I'd write a little article of my own on how to effectively prepare yourself for a natural childbirth. ...more

Great post. You're right, doctors and nurses are not God. You can tell them no. Though, for ...more

The Second Birth...

The first time I was pregnant I had no idea what to expect for giving birth. ...more

Scheduling Your Pregnancy?

Scheduling Your Pregnancy? FROM www.vennti.com @ http://www.vennti.com/2009/07/when-should-you-schedule-your-pregnancy/ ...more