How I Made J A Father

Obviously, babies are made the way babies are made, and I won't get into a thorough discussion about it, since I was never really certain when my precious little Princess was actually created, but nevertheless, sometime at the end of June, I discovered I was pregnant. ...more

A Secret for Weight Loss that Men Don’t Possess

BOOBS!  That’s right.  You always hear that men have an advantage to losing weight.  Well not if we’re nursing.  Nursing burns 500 calories just by itself.  Then add good nutrition and a little exercise and you’re well on your way to a leaner you! Here’s a picture of my secret right here. ...more

Registering for your firstborn: Part I

I was extremely thankful to have my mother-in-law accompany me to register for my baby shower when I was pregnant with my oldest, Kate.  I was a first-time mother and felt overwhelmed about choosing the “right” things for my daughter.  Because my mother-in-law successfully raised four boys, I felt that she would know the “staples” I needed to include on my registry.  ...more

Tips For Eating Healthy During Pregnancy

Since it's Baby Week on Discovery Health I thought I would do a little blog round-up on pregnancy nutrition. As much as I would love to claim that I had great eating habits during my pregnancies (16 & 19 years ago), I have to admit that I made my share of pregnancy nutrition fopauxs. For example...I didn't drink even one glass of milk (I hate milk), and I gained over forty pounds each pregnancy. But enough about me, here are some posts by women trying to get it right. ...more

Wow~ very detailed! Thanks for sharing ,I will recommend to my girl friends! 


New Study Out on Prenatal and Multi-vitamins During Pregnancy

I'm a generally fit and healthy person but I'm never as conscious about my health as I am when I'm pregnant or planning a future pregnancy. For example, I was on prenatal vitamins 6 months before I even went off my birth control pills. Every time I went to my pharmacy to get both prescriptions filled my pharmacist felt the need to explain that the prenatal vitamin was for a healthy pregnancy and the birth control pill was to avoid pregnancy. He would then ask if I was certain I wanted both. He just didn't get it. ...more

My Precious First Born: A 1977 Birth Story

I was 22 years old, living in New York City and blissfully happy about becoming a mom! ...more

Great Baby Shower Ritual: FootBath & Foot Massage Instructions

A foot bath is a wonderful way to pamper the expecting mom at her baby shower, and allow her to rest her tired, achy feet. She'll appreciate you trimming her toe nails and exfoliating rough spots - bending over to care for her feet is challenging at the end of pregnancy! ...more

Discovery Health Features BlogHers' Birth Stories

Next week, June 14-19, is Baby Week at Discovery Health, home to nightly stories of remarkable births.  Shows such as Twins By Surprise, Little Parents Big Pregnancy, Births Beyond Belief, and Obese and Pregnant will air nightly at 8 pm Eastern/Pacific. ...more

But why not share? I love birth stories, and am planning to become a doula and, eventually, a ...more

Questions for the Moms

Well, it's official. I have been a blogger for a year now. And what a year it's been. But sadly, the ole blog doesn't care. Did I get flowers? Did I get candy? A card? Anything? Nope. Obviously we are in an unhealthy relationship. But I can't help myself; I keep coming back for more. And the reason I'm back tonight is because I need the help of all you mom readers out there. As you know I could have this baby any day now and while I'm prepared for the most part (bags packed, nursery done, etc.) I do have a couple of questions. ...more

Thanks for the comments, ladies.  Just 6 hours after posting this I was at the hospital in ...more