Musings of a Perimenopausal Pagan Mom

   I'm stepping into changes in career, marriage, parenting, spirituality, home, and health. I'd like to talk to others on similar jouneys. More than that, I hope to shape my journey by joining in some of the ongoing conversations I find on the web. One of those Web conversations (webersations?) circles around being a thinking, mature Pagan. ...more

The Journey - the Inspirational Story of a 25 Week Old Preemie

 “Beep, beep, beep…” The noise again startled me. It’s probably just another false alarm, I thought as I raised my dark, anxious eyes to survey the green, digital numbers on the white machine that monitored my mother and the small baby still inside her. What I saw made my heart sink. Something is definitely wrong. ...more

Thank you for you sweet comment! I am so glad that you enjoyed this story! It is amazing to ...more

A Mature Mom's Journey | My Mompreneur

Four doctors told me that I would never have children. “You’re thirty?” they would ask with a certain measure of pity in their voices, at least in my perception. “And you’re single?” would typically be the following question. “You should consider having children right away if you want to have kids at all.” Yes, I’m paraphrasing but that was pretty darned close to what these medical experts would say to me as if they didn’t just hear me say that I was single. No, not a newly wed, not engaged, not even dating, not even having casual sex! No, nothing, ...more

Confessions of a Confinement Victim


What A Difference A Year Makes

We are now TEN days away from our due date! I'm also only seven days away from my blogoversary! When I first started this little dog and pony show I never imagined how much could change in a year. And, ironically enough, I started the blog to document what I thought were big changes--the move to Chicago, Ricky's new job, my (now defunct) job hunt. You know--new city, new friends, new adventures. Little did I know the adventures we'd be having! Especially since this time last year we didn't think this was an adventure we would ever get. ...more

Jenna Jameson...The nanny debate...and childhood bullies

I was reading the TMZ comment section under photos of Jenna Jameson and her babies. People were posting such horrible comments about Jenna AND her babies. WTF? Most of the comments had to do with Jenna's kids being teased when they get older. How about THIS... how about we teach children that teasing and making fun of others is WRONG?!?! How about parents do their job and teach their children the way to treat others? ...more

Making an Announcement: Pregnancy after Infertility

It's understandable that hearing pregnancy announcements would be difficult for someone experiencing infertility, but making one during a pregnancy after infertility can also be an uncomfortable situation. Not only do people agonize over the "how," trying to keep in mind how they wanted to hear announcements when back in the trenches, but also the "when." Infertility's reach doesn't end with the double pink lines or positive beta. ...more

I've been pregnant 3 times, none of which resulted in a child. The first miscarriage was so ...more

Attention, Mothers: You Must Now Panic

When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2003, I immersed myself in advice, inhaling the entire parenting section of the library and local bookstore and supplementing my paperback reading with four magazine subscriptions and three different "has your baby grown eyelashes yet?" pregnancy calendars. I learned about avoiding soft cheeses and sushi during pregnancy, how to swaddle an infant and how to "keep my marriage alive." ...more

Finding the balance is like a mine field waiting to blow up in your face at any moment. more

36 Weeks!

I am 36 weeks along today. It seems like we were just finding out about this baby yesterday and now here we are at 36 weeks! Crazy how the time has flown. We are so ready to meet this little guy; I can only hope these last few weeks fly by as well. Plus, as much as I've enjoyed being pregnant the last few months, I am ready for a few things to come to an end. Like.... ...more

On Graduation Weekend, Marking The Passing of Time

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen   ...more