Unexpected Memories Every Mother's Day

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more

C-sections- Five Years & Beyond (Part 1)

Five years has past since my first and only C-section.  I shared my experience, and my feelings about my C-section last week in the post, My C-section- Five Years Later.  This was the third part in a series of C-section posts I have written.  The first post in the series, The Reality of C-sections, has generated a wide va ...more

Oops, I Did It Again!

Well, after promising not to disappear I did it again. Oops! What can I say? I've had company, was spoiled rotten at a perfect baby shower, got sick and to top it all of I'm EIGHT months pregnant and TIRED! But I am back today, so let's get back in the swing of things with a story that shows you how...um...smart? I am. A couple of months ago, Ricky and I started noticing that when I would sit up from lounging on the couch my baby bump would get a bulge in the middle. "Is that the baby?" we wondered. ...more

Future Mama Drama--Am I Alone?

I've seen countless articles full of advice for moms with kids. Especially for women who have young children--Potty training seems to be a difficult task. It's fun glancing at those articles, and possible storing a tip or two to pull out several years from now when that's a problem I'm having to tackle. It's fun to hear about pregnant women, advice on pregnancy and what to expect... ...more

I Am More Than Just a Stroller Researcher

I’m still in it, and maybe I don’t have distance enough yet to write on the topic, but if making decisions is not your favorite thing, if making a decision is as much fun to you as, say, the question of whether you feel like getting hit by a truck or suffer a bout of food poisoning for a thousand years, then you’ll probably feel as tortured, trapped, overwhelmed, and uneasy as I did in registering for my baby shower.   ...more

The Curse of Too Much Information

Early on, silly me, I promised myself I wouldn't open the pages of a pregnancy book. I had less than nine months to get in order my "to read" list of books--the ones I'd always wanted to but not gotten around to, the unfinished novels I'd had on my nightstand, the big ones, and the mindless ones. Each night, they stared at me from my shelves, and me at them. I counted them, I rearranged them, I read a few, and then I broke down and bought one--just one--book on birthing. ...more


Eventually, the weeks start to fly by. You're 17 weeks, and then you're 22. And you're on the verge of entering your sixth month; now, how did that happen? You may no longer wait, became impatient, think longingly into the distant future and imagine some vague and dreamy notion of a child. Now it's kicking so much that your stomach erupts in little twitches and jabs. The fog starts to lift. A child is abound. ...more

Brand New Mommy-to-be

I've always heard people talking about their motherly intuition and just knowing what their children need. As an outsider, this seemed ridiculous to me. I was sure this was just something that somebody said once as a joke and it caught on. There’s no way you can truly be that intuitive, right? ...more

Screening for Perinatal Mood Disorders

Universal Screening for PPMDs: why it is CRUCIAL! ...more

Best-Laid Birth Plans

I am Canadian. New York magazine, therefore, hits my news stands three weeks late and I have only just read “Extreme Birth,” Andrew Goldman’s article about NYC home-birth midwife Cara Muhlhahn and home births in general. I have been wanting a good lead-in to a home birth discussion for a long time, so even though this article prompted much ...more