Keep your Little Biker Safe this Summer

 Summer is here and if your little one is excited to get out and pedal around the neighbourhood, you are probably a little worried about keeping her safe. Bike riding is a great activity for kids because it helps them develop large motor skills and gets them outside and moving. When you follow just a few safety guidelines, your child will be able to get out this summer and you’ll rest assured that she’s safe. Choose the Right Bike ...more

Is Your Garden Toddler Proof?

It’s almost summer, which means your toddler will soon be running around the backyard in bare feet ready to explore and get dirty. This time of year is great for kids since they can run and play and soak up the sun to their heart’s content. The problem is that many parents work hard to baby proof their home but don’t think to make sure their yard is safe....more

Have Yourself a Healthy Little Summer

The soaring heat, shining sun and kids running free means summer is finally here! After a brutal winter for most of the nation, the long, warm sunny days are a welcomed change. So much so that most folks will be spending more time outside, celebrating, eating and having a grand old time. But it's easy to overdo it food wise and sun wise. I've compiled some simple tips that will help you survive, and still very much enjoy, summer! Make sure you wear sunscreen!!...more

How long can you ignore your phone?

I'd like to issue a long-overdue apology to each of the five roommates I had in college: I'm sorry that I did not answer the phone when it was ringing. I knew that it drove you crazy, but I was absorbed in something else/didn't feel like talking to anyone, and thus, did not answer the phone.But, I understand that most people aren't wired that way: Their phone rings and they answer it. It beeps and they answer it. Even when they are on the road....more

Spring has Sprung: Time to Patch Those Potholes!

Enormous craters along your commute are a sure sign that winter weather has taken its toll on heavily traveled roadways.If you deal with a winter freeze/thaw weather cycle, you know that potholes can bring frustration behind the wheel, and create giant mechanics' bills when a hole in the asphalt swallows your tire....more

Holding Hands: My Son Ran Away from Me in a Parking Lot.

My children and I are members at out local community centre. We are there a lot. The kids take swimming lessons as well as a variety of pre-school programs there and I use the on site child care centre to use the gym a few times a week. ...more

“Teddy Tragedy” Video Highlights Volkswagen Safety Features

Volkswagen recently began airing an advertisement documenting the tragic love story of a pair of stuffed bunnies, who are destined to be forever apart thanks to Volkswagen's Automatic Distance Control....more

Learning how to talk to strangers

In second grade we were all encouraged to create a secret code word so that if our parents ever sent an intermediary to pick us up from school, we would know it was safe to leave with that individual. (I can't remember if my word was kitten or Strawberry Shortcake.)...more

Empower women in India by helping them take charge of their own safety

Sayfty is on a mission to raise $25,000 by January 31st, 2014.The Indiegogo fundraiser gives a detailed breakdown at how your money will be spent. Here is a link to the campaign: