The Keys to Child Care Success: Laws Regarding Licensing, Facility & Staff Requirements

Best Choices Would you go to a dentist who had a revoked license?...more

Are You Really Willing To Die For A Color?

A class alum stopped by to see me today. I told her that when I see articles about students from the class, I do not want to see it under the crimes section.  She claims blue and is apparently considered the shot caller for the young women on our campus who claim the same color.  Did I mention that I had no clue about this during the entire time she was in the class? ...more

... of people who don't understand gangs. I get that the color is a symbol of belonging. I ...more

Radiation 101: How Does Nuclear Radiation Affect The Body?

The latest weather forecast reports that the winds over the nuclear power plant in Japan have switched directions, and instead of blowing radioactive particles out to sea, the nuclear plume is drifting over Japan. Which is tragic, really. Given that there’s over 5000 miles of ocean between Japan and the United States for radioactive materials to disperse, I’d rather take the fallout this way than see Japan further under siege....more

New Car Seat Guidelines from the AAP Get Parents Talking

The American Academy of Pediatrics shook up the parenting world with their new guidelines for car seat use. For the first time since 2001, the AAP made an official change to their previous statement as to how long infants and toddlers should remain rear-facing in their car seats and how long children should be in booster seats. The change extends the time that children should be rear-facing or in a booster seat. ...more

My friend is 4' 11" & 35 - and she almost needs a booster! I'm 5'2" and often feel that the ...more

Feeling Safe

Distracted by Technology: Are Hands-Free Devices in SYNC with Safe Driving?

Meeting with Ford A few days after I returned from participating in the ...more

Instead of getting a specific car you could just download and use

The app reads ...more

Monkey Joe's is the Devil

I can’t believe it, my son turned 5 on Saturday. Because we had been celebrating his birthday all month long, we decided that there would be no party on the actual date.  What I’d like to know is, when did birthdays turn into Mardi Gras?  When I was a kid, you got 1 DAY of celebration.  You know, your ACTUAL birthday. ...more

Red Light: What Happened on the Way to Prom

April 25,1998 started out as a very exciting day for me. It was the date of my senior prom. My boyfriend came to the house to pick me up for the prom. We took the usual pictures and then set out for our dream night. On our way to dinner prior to the prom, a vehicle pulling a boat ran a red light and changed my life forever. ...more

Thank you so much for sharing your story. I know I frequently hear people speaking out against ...more

New Facebook Privacy Issues... Again

Once again, Facebook changed the security settings, making more of your not-so-private information even less private. However, this time they recognized that people weren't pleased and quite quickly changed the setting back. Despite the change, it lends to the seemingly never-ending conversation of Facebook vs. privacy. ...more

I have not seen the movie yet (I'm so horrible at seeing movies), but I agree with ...more

True Confessions: I Am Afraid of Coffee Tables

It's true. I have a deep fear of coffee tables, and this very rational fear has sometimes caused problems in my relationships. I tried, for awhile, to ignore the fear of coffee tables and let one into my life but I couldn't do it. I had to kick it to the curb -- literally. ...more

It will go just as soon as I get my first grandchild. I will be a nervous ...more