Opening Windows

Was it just me, or did everyone adore their pediatrician when they were little?I mean, not love love. Not like in any Electra Complex sorta way. It’s just that for me going to the doctor was always a super happy event. Even when I had to get shots....more

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics

 Would you choose to put lead in your lipstick? Not a single one of us would, I’m sure....more

Brown and Yellow Women Dying to be Pale

Do you associate summer with pool parties, picnics, beach trips, and the sunkissed skin that comes with it? As an Asian American woman, I have the kind of complexion that tans easily— my skin darkens by a few shades after a quick lunchtime walk. Unfortunately, as an Asian woman, that’s not the kind of complexion my culture considers beautiful. In fact, it's spawned a lucrative -- and potentially dangerous -- industry of skin lightening products. During a recent beach trip, I found myself huddled on a blanket with several other Asian American women, comparing SPFs and stories of how dark we got during our own childhoods, and how much our mothers lamented it: “Brown as a monkey!”...more
I loved this article. I am Native American, Spanish, and Irish mixed. I have black hair, but ...more

Playgrounds Are Too Safe? Where? Sign Me Up for a Playdate There!

Newsflash: Playgrounds are too safe. If you're taking your children to one of these un-imaginative, un-inspiring, un-risky, un-challenging playgrounds, you are short-changing your child of a productive future. They won't know how to take life risks or how to succeed at a challenging goal if they don't have real monkey bars....more
It is a crazy balancing act...isn't is??? You want to teach your child to be confident in ...more

Yosemite Deaths Shows Danger in Ignorance

The tragic deaths of three young hikers in Yosemite this week illustrate an unbelievably tired point: Humans? Not always so smart. Despite record snowfall resulting in torrential water flow, these folks were determined to have their photos taken at a picturesque point 25 feet from the edge of Vernall Falls....more

Yes, of course, it must be said. Death is unavoidable for all of us but must we invite it? Only ...more

How does evil grow? And other random questions...

With the Casey Anthony case and now this boy who murdered his parents and then hosted a party with their bodies in the house...I have to wonder...What is going on in the world?  These people were innocent babies at one time.  What happened to them?  Why and how do people turn into creatures capable of such evil? How does evil grow?...more

I was on pins and needles with and petrified I would do the wrong thing. I think I consulted ...more

Parks in the Summertime

Summer is in full swing, and, living in Florida, the temperatures are getting awful hot.  Still, indoor amusements only last for so long before you need to get your kids out of the house or lose your mind.   As the sun swelters overhead, gone are the days of packing everyone in the car on a moment’s notice and heading to the nearest outdoor adventure....more

Should a 7-year-old cross the street alone?

 Lately, I've started asking Esme to carry letters or bills to the postbox on the corner. It's a short walk to the end of our street where she has to look both ways, then cross the street, drop the post in the box, look both ways again and run home. She's seven. The first time she did it, I watched from the porch. She must have looked three or four times before crossing. When she ran home, her smile was wide like a field of sunflowers. She was thrilled with herself, so proud of her independence. ...more

Toddler Tricks - 46: That Jamb Door

Ways to trick your baby:Problem: I don't know about you, but we have bedroom doors that lock from the inside, allowing for maximum privacy...or providing an accidental baby prison. My husband and I waited too long to fix this. We thought, they won't lock the door. And then one day, the door was locked from the inside, two babies locked within. Solution:...more

Cursed with Parsel Ped

Yes, like parseltongue (from Mr. H. Potter). My oldest and I seem to be gifted with parsel ped. Infliction or gift of the foot, otherwise known as the ability to tread so lightly that you almost step on snakes (and sometimes lizards) during the heat of snake season. Which is definitely upon us now....more