The Car Seat Blog! (important car seat safety tips that every parent needs to know)

My friend Emma is a Child Passenger Safety Technician which is fancy-talk for saying that she is certified in installing car seats correctly and safely into vehicles. In our circle of friends she's known as the Car Seat Goddess. What this means in application is that she is approached, a lot, with car seat questions. ...more

A Warning to Parents with Little Ones

A vlog in which my daughter and I relate the story of her falling down the basement stairs in a walker years ago.  ...more

Love the 2 vlogs I've seen of you and Kendall.

...and I can relate with the mosquitos!more

Creepy Girl

Just got home from dinner with The Hubby.  It's dancing night but I bowed out tonight as I've dealing with and I mean DEALING WITH Daddy stuff.  I will post about it probably in a few days when things settle down.  Anyway, home from dinner and as I am coming down my street and putting the garage door up I see a girl on the elderly neighbors doorstep.  At first I thought it might be there daughter but as I pulled into the drive, my windows down I hear, "Howdy neighbor.  I just live a couple of streets over.  How are you this evening, blah, blah, blah."  I k...more

Change in Tylenol Dosing | Standard & Safety in Tylenol Measurement

Starting this summer, Tylenol will now have standardized dosing for their Infants' & Children's products.  In 2009, the FDA made several safety recommendations, including changing the concentration of Tylenol so that it is unform regardless of the age of the child.  That's precisely what they've done.  As a result, the measuring devices will also change.  The current concentrated Infant's Tylenol will cease to be manufactured. The idea behind this standard concentration is to decrease the risk of overdosing a child.  In this case, safety an...more

Self-Tanning: Is Fake Tan Safe?

Pale and interesting! Dark and mysterious! We like to imagine how the tone of our skin shapes our personalities. Well, summer is here for some and nearly here for others. That means open toed sandals, fewer and shorter clothes and lots of exposure to the elements. My very pale Irish skin actually tans very well but I long put those days basking in the sun behind me once I finally realized the damage I was doing to my skin.  Despite this, I still like a tan. I like how it looks and I--for whatever reason--feel better when my skin is a little darker....more

Peace of Mind When Traveling With Pets

Are you planning on traveling with your pets this summer? You may want to check out the Blanket Online ID for your feline or canine....more

An App That Doesn't Try to Hide Its Dark Side: Creepy

Here's another "warning app" following in the footsteps of Please Rob Me, which scoured the web for geolocated tweets in which people indicated that they were not home, and aggregated them into a single page. It was meant as a social security exercise to bring people's attention to the privacy and security risks of broadcasting their whereabouts, especially when they are away from home....more