New Facebook Privacy Issues... Again

Once again, Facebook changed the security settings, making more of your not-so-private information even less private. However, this time they recognized that people weren't pleased and quite quickly changed the setting back. Despite the change, it lends to the seemingly never-ending conversation of Facebook vs. privacy. ...more

I have not seen the movie yet (I'm so horrible at seeing movies), but I agree with ...more

True Confessions: I Am Afraid of Coffee Tables

It's true. I have a deep fear of coffee tables, and this very rational fear has sometimes caused problems in my relationships. I tried, for awhile, to ignore the fear of coffee tables and let one into my life but I couldn't do it. I had to kick it to the curb -- literally. ...more

It will go just as soon as I get my first grandchild. I will be a nervous ...more

And the Third Runner up is….

Leaving  Children Unattended in a Vehicle This third most read post based on traffic from search engines is...more

Take off winter jackets in car seats

Today I'm bringing you a safety bulletin for winter car safety when you're driving with little ones.Heavy winter coats don't belong on kids in carseats. ...more

That's a good point! And even without an accident, it can be annoying to re-dress them every ...more

Phantom Noises

 The babies are finally asleep.  It's the middle of the day.  Maybe I can squeeze in that shower I've been wanting to take since yesterday morning.I turn the hot water knob, water sluices toward the wall, the inviting tap tap tap calling to me well before the water is warm enough.  I ready my towel, brush my hair.  I leave the door open, just in case.  Just in case something happens, I'll be able to hear the babies.  Everything should be just fine, right?  They sleep for at least an hour and a half everyday.  There's nothing in their room...more

It Happened to One of Us: On Preventable Deaths and Fear

That the death was preventable is what adds an extra punch to the gut here. Because that whole idea, that death can be preventable, is what torments all of us, parents especially. It's what draws us to the idea of so-called helicopter parenting; it's what keeps us up at night, listening for our babies' breathing; it's what leads us to imagine that it's entirely possible that we'll never want to let our children learn to drive, or date, or even leave the house alone. We're terrified by the idea -- the idea that I think most of us know so intimately that we can practically feel it, touch it, see it glimmering in the air before us -- that something might happen to our children that we could have prevented, that we might, someday, face the dreaded specter of 'if only I'd... ...more

This story reminds me of the time that a cabinet that I installed in the laundry room fell off ...more

Day Dreaming! Wake Up! Watch the Traffic!

Lately, Cece, Yun and a few friends are talking about the issues of a child’s  psychological safety during their tender growing years.  It is disheartening to witness, directly or indirectly, h...more

The Mother of All Taboos

In case you have not heard, there is a vaccine war raging in America between pharmaceutical companies and Moms. The battle lines are publically drawn this way: One side says evil pharma is poisoning kids for a bigger buck....more

Too Many Toys: Tips for Buying the “Safest” Toys & Checking for Recalls

Child Psychology In Reverse Two years ago, I bought the book "Too Many Toys" by David Shannon, thinking it would be a good way to start a dialogue on giving away toys that aren't played with anymore. Wrong....more

Vehicle Safety Items Make Perfect Holiday Gifts

It’s crunch time and if you’re still struggling with what to give a loved one, family member or friend this holiday season, the perfect gift can be an item related to vehicle safety....more