The Hope of Evolving: Laws Concerning Booster Car Seats

The Evolution of Beings I love the fact that I am constantly evolving as ...more

Ford Shares Tips For Safer Proms, Calmer Moms (And Dads)

Prom season is upon us!...more

Flood Safety Reminder for Kids - Share this Video!

Timely reminder for flood safety. My co-worker Sabrina shared it....more

Sun Sense and for Families

Safe Sun for Families   With spring here (though it doesn’t always feel like it) , I am longing for heat and sunshine. We are planning a quick trip down South to rejuvenate and soak up some rays. With a toddler, and another one on the way, I suddenly became conscious of planning ahead regarding sun shelter....more

Hair Color While Pregnant - Wouldja, Couldja, Didja?

I wanna get my hur did. I haven't had my hair cut, styled, and/or colored since BEFORE I got pregnant with Athena. We're talking over 3 years ago. I haven't been able to put my finger on what has been bothering me about my looks latetly, and I think this is it. My.Hair.Is.GROSS. I want a complete overhaul. I can't do anything medically about my now thin hair until after Zofia comes out, so I thought a good cut and color may help for the time being. So what's the view on coloring your hair when pregnant? Wouldja? Couldja? ...more

Getting Serious for a Minute

What would you do if you saw this in your baby's diaper? ...more

Glad your son is okay.  The other stories are heart wrenching.  Thanks for the ...more

A Close Call

  Yesterday, the cool parent kept Kayden home again so they could have another father-son day. No big deal. It’s kind of funny how I am cool with being The Enforcer, this week and just last week I was complaining about not being fun. I see why I need to be. ...more

Need an answered prayer?

JMJ Do you have a prayer request? A special need?  Well, I spent all night placing a live webcam to Lourdes, France on my website, including a little mailbox to their prayer request email.  All kinds of weird computer problems kept cropping up, and I kept offering them up as a prayer, which did help to keep me from being annoyed.  Then... This morning I got an email from a friend who told me that today is OUR LADY OF LOURDES FEAST DAY!  Wow.  I had no idea!  That is just so cool... ...more

Distracted By Texting: Are Cell Phones Actually a Danger?

I had a scare a couple of weeks ago.  I was driving my van down my street, and as I came around a small curve, a young girl of about 10 was riding her bike straight towards me.  I stopped, thinking that she would look up and get herself back up on the sidewalk.  But she never looked up.  Her eyes were cast down, and she was texting on her cell phone. ...more

First, what on earth are 10 year olds doing with cell ...more