No Fear

Moving from the suburbs to the heart of the city a couple of years ago meant more than a change in geography. It was an entire change of lifestyle -- one I don't regret. I don't miss much about the suburbs, not even the assumed safety of the suburbs compared to the city. ...more

Why Aren't Crib Deaths Front Page News?

Originally from Danielle Elwood Dot Com This week in my Facebook feed I have seen the same The Stir on Cafemom article pop up a number of times. The first couple of times I ignored it but the more it was published the more it ate at me....more

An Interview by Mr. Ethen Carrell

Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? ...more

Tell, save another........

Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do?Patty’s story……why at 90 years old, she decided to tell BY AUTHOR MELINDATRIPP Many years ago, back in 1921, in a nice quiet neighborhood in Minneapolis, Patty, just five years old,was molested, by her friend’s father. She never went back to play and she never told. she want children to be empowered to tel! Patty shares her story, in her own words in What Should You Do? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century, Tate Publishing 2010 CHILDRENKIDSPARENTINGPARENTING A SAFE CHILDTEACHSAFETYUNCATEGORIZED ...more

Things to Watch For After a Blow to the Head

Today, my 16-month-old daughter experienced her first bump on the noggin (click HERE for full story).  In light of my last post, this is sort of hilarious...I am NOT a nurse, but I called a local health-line to find out if I should be seriously concerned about Celia, and this is the list of questions they asked me, and things they gave me to watch for (in brackets are the 'good' answers):...more

KIDS, TEACH THEM THE DRILL! Yep, the safety drill!

Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? EMERGENCY DRILLS? Not just for fires any more....... REALLY? Won’t it just scare them……? Not if you do a good job.  That goes for teaching any safety lesson....more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You ? Helping Children Protect Themselves in the Twenty-First Century Tate Publishing 2012 , Amazon This caught my attention! Child in the news, sang his address for 911 operator... This is how I recommend you teach toddlers, preschoolers to memorize a favored number or address, use a known tune with your rhymed word to make a safety song. My grandson uses his Dad's cell number, the number ends in a one, so we ended the song with" that's my Daddy I'm his son!" Try it, let me know how it works! ...more


Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do? Say No, Go, and Tell! by Author MelindaTripp What safe kids do. The plan, deceptively simple, will change and grow with your child. Say No!  No to tricks, No, to bad behavior, bullying, bad choices........ GO!...more

Safe and Sound! Earbuds and Safety

Melinda Reynolds Tripp Author of What Should You Do?Safe and Sound- Attention Parents Who Have Kids Listening to Music! by Author MelindaTripp March 14, 2012 Have your child access the situation before putting in earbuds to listen to their music Green light, use of two ear-buds, in a safe situation, example , in their rooms,  with family home. Yellow light, on alert someone or something may need your attention, example, walking to, or from school..drop one earbud allowing for safe and sound……a compromise. Red light, drop the music for now, you need all your senses to get to where you are...more

How to make your Home Safe...

        Is it just me or is there is something creepy about being a female alone in a house at night?  Maybe it's because every horror movie I've ever seen involves some creep lurking outside in the backyard, prank calling a young babysitter, wearing a mask and peeping through the windows .... Or maybe its because I'm overexposed to the criminal element ......more