Is Your Child's School Prepared?

Emergency planning is, unfortunately, not a high priority for most schools. Parents need to know this. Many schools go through the required fire drills, tornado drills, etc. Some schools have fancy flip charts that are immediately put into a teacher's desk and forgotten. There's just not really a budget for emergency planning, and if there is some sort of organized effort in a district, the ball gets dropped when the people pushing for the planning retire or move on. Nobody wants to consider that emergencies might happen....more
First week in school, my daughter's school drills for a large variety of emergency situations ...more

How Parents Normalized Teen Password Sharing

In 2005, I started asking teenagers about their password habits. My original set of questions focused on teens' attitudes about giving their password to their parents, but I quickly became enamored with teens' stories of sharing passwords with friends and significant others. So I was ecstatic when Pew Internet & American Life Project decided to survey teens about their password sharing habits. Pew found that one third of online 12-17 year olds share their password with a friend or significant other and that almost half of those 14-17 do. I love when data gets reinforced....more
@dj4am Thanks vr link ! Goeie invalshoek: veel kids die aan ouders hun paswoord (moeten) ...more

Four Difficult Questions Regarding Bullying and Youth Suicide

Over the last couple of years, I've laid awake at night asking myself uncomfortable questions about bullying and teen suicide. I don't have answers to most of the questions that I have, but I'm choosing to voice my questions, fears, and doubts because I'm not confident that our war on bullying is taking us down the right path. I'm worried about the unintended consequences of our public discourse and I'm worried about the implications that our decisions have on youth, particularly in this high-stakes arena. ...more
Phrased wonderfully - And I agree with the stranger danger question. We need to teach youth ...more

When Did You Learn the Danger of Being a Woman?

Visit for more! The other night, around 10ish, I was coming from my parents house, going through the dark winding park and I saw this woman jogging. I wanted to roll down my window and shout the following:“Why are you running on the road (with your back to the cars), instead of along the path, thus decreasing your chances of getting hit by a car!?!”“Why don’t you have on brighter clothes so that cars can see your dumb butt running?!?!”...more


 A worrywart can benefit from a connection to God.  If I believed prayers were answered, I wouldn’t need to worry anymore....more

Life At The Limit By Professor Sid Watkins

This book has been on my 'to read' list for as long as I can remember. I borrowed if off @SRT40 ages ago and it's been sat, waiting for me to pick it up. I am so glad that I finally got around to doing so!...more

Me Drive Pretty One Day

Confession: I sometimes make mistakes while driving.How many driving mistakes am I allowed per year? I’m not talking about the kind that result in accidents. It’s the near misses. The getting honked at moments.I commute a total of two hours daily, 84 miles round-trip on a five-lane highway. Making a concerted effort to drive well, I drive conservatively. Like an old lady, some might say. My goal is to get to work and home in one piece....more
Great article. You can record how you are driving and later analyze and share it with an iPhone ...more

The Unintended Consequences of Cyberbullying Rhetoric

We all know that teen bullying - both online and offline - has devastating consequences. Jamey Rodemeyer's suicide is a tragedy. He was tormented for being gay. He knew he was being bullied and he regularly talked about the fact that he was being bullied. Online, he even wrote: "I always say how bullied I am, but no one listens. What do I have to do so people will listen to me?" The fact that he could admit that he was being tormented coupled with the fact that he asked for help and folks didn't help him should be a big wake-up call. We have a problem. ...more
@Terri I'm so sorry. Really so very sorry. - Denisemore

Newsflash (or Not): Indoor Play Centers Are Gross (But How Gross Are They?)

We were recently invited to a playdate at a local fast food place with one of those play centers; we declined. I have many reasons, but if you ask my sons, they will tell you that indoor playplaces are “dirty and germy.” I fully admit to passing that information on to them so that I wasn’t the bad guy saying “no” every single time. I made this decision long before I had kids and watched a child throw up the food he had just eaten as he slid down one of the slides. I may be a killjoy with a side of germaphobia, but it turns out I’m right: They’re gross....more
I worked at a McD's as a teen when we had one of these indoor play areas built on our store.  We ...more

How to protect your kids while they are surfing the Internet.

Couple months ago my co-worker has asked me how old is my son.”He is 6,” I said.“Lucky you, this is a good age. Wait until he will be a teenager. You will have a lot of trouble – school, homework and the Internet.    I am so worried about the Internet....” Here, I should say I hear this almost  from any parent. Its look like everyone has an issue with kids and the Internet. And my friend is absolutely right-we need to be worry about this. However, should we need to wait until our kids become teenagers?...more