Did not; did too!

Throughout my childhood, there was an invisible barrier in the backseat of the car called "The Liberty Line." The naming of this barrier is questionable, I know, but my brother came up with it (I think). The point of the line was that it was the DMZ of the car and the one spot in the backseat that should not be crossed....more

Your little sister, the entrepreneur

Before I begin today, I understand that there have been a lot of studies debunking the idea that birth order is something that influences people's behaviors. But I am still fascinated by birth order and how often it works out. It may one day be designated as "the modern-day astrology," but I am hooked. ...more

Overcoming a Mother's Devotion to Follow My Own Dreams

This past Mother’s Day, I rode my bicycle two cities over, slicing through humidity and foreboding; both of which felt so thick and heavy that I may as well have been treading water.  Despite this, I was resolved to reach my destination and pay my dues. I was headed to my mother’s house to visit with her and three of my four brothers.  This was because, essentially, the calendar told me that I should....more

In Praise Of The Only Child

I didn't want my time with my parents divided either, not by anyone…. Only children are awesome.You know why? Because they are mature, self-sufficient, assertive, and independent. They're also witty, sassy and opinionated.I know because I am one myself, but also because my toddler isn't going to have any siblings....more

Calling your child by your pet's name

When I was little, my Mom would sometimes call me by my brother's name. It usually happened when she was distracted, or when she was in a hurry. I never thought about it much, since she usually corrected herself quickly....more

14 Strategies That Made the Transition From 1 to 2 Children Easier

We welcomed Eloise Claire into the world on Monday, April 4th at 2:29pm. It was the best labor and delivery experience I could have asked for, which I will post more about later. We were even able to go home the next day, thank God because I cannot stand being in hospitals. ...more

SIBLINGS: 5 (Surprisingly) Pleasant Effects of Growing Up With Them!

  I grew up with 2 siblings, both sisters. Those days were filled with moments that range from intense battles over ‘who gets to sleep with mommy today’ to ‘standing up for my sister’ fighter moments. Obviously, we were hardly contemplating the importance of having siblings- it was more about sibling rivalry then!...more

25 Pictures of Siblings Meeting for the First Time Will Give You All The Feels

I will admit, the moment I found out I was pregnant with baby #2 was joy and sadness. I was sad for Phoebe. She was 16 months old when I became pregnant and still my one and only baby. I felt guilt and like I was betraying her. She would no longer be the center of my world and attention in just 9 short months. ...more

The older mom on the block

Someone asked me the other day if I wanted to have another baby. People like to ask parents that question. (I don't know why, as it is really none of their business, but they ask.) I have my standard answers:...more

A Tale Of Two Sisters

The last time I saw my sister was at the Olive Garden. I don't even like the Olive Garden yet that bastion of suburban culinary mediocrity is where I had my last physical contact with her. It was a fine enough lunch (who doesn't like bread sticks?) but what was much more important than the food could ever be was the simple fact that we actually had a good time. Sadly that was not always the case when we were together. She seemed to be happy with a new job and a rekindled relationship with her only grandchild....more