-- Carrie Zing...more

Competing for attention

Previously, I wrote about the health risks Moms and children face when births aren't spaced out enough. Of course, this isn't the end of the story. Finnish researchers have found that having several close-in-age children can put a strain on the entire family. ...more

Having two too close together

I know someone who had her children in quick succession. For four years of her life, she was either pregnant or had just given birth and was breastfeeding. She is a happy mom of three children today, and she doesn't regret her decision to have her children be so close in age....more

The stigmas of womanhood

I was in the store with my son, when a woman remarked at how well behaved he was being. I smiled (because I was filled with mommy happiness at the compliment) and agreed - he is a really great little guy. Then, the conversation took a turn for the worse....more

Happy Siblings Day 2015

They yell at you, scream at you, lie on you, fight you, tell on you, say they hate you, steal your clothes and make up, they ruin your amazing blouse and they shrink it while trying to wash it and put it back in the closet un - noticed. Then they cover for you, nurture you, support you, fight for you, defend you, protect you, lie for you, believe in you, cry with you, cry for you, speak up for you, hug you, and love you....more

Should You Let Your Kids Watch Your Next Birth?

I got into hot topic conversation on Facebook this week. It started as me truthfully answering a friend's curiosity question. And while I would usually leave it at that, or offer clarity/details if necessary, I got sucked in to the conversation because it was something I am so passionate about. My friend is expecting her third child and planning her third homebirth. She wrote: "When I tell people I might have my kids at my homebirth, they react one of three ways: 1) whatever. 2) it's too traumatic and scary. 3) it's too distracting for mom. 4) it's inappropriate. Just curious, what do you think?" What do I think? ...more
CaroleMcKee I completely disagree that birth is an adult thing, it is a life event just as death ...more

When your bully lives at home

My son likes to tell me stories about his classmates' behavior at school. (He's a bit of a talker.) I know all about the children who use too many paper towels, or the ones who never sleep during quiet time, and even about the ones who have too many "hateful words." I remind my son that I am only interested in his behavior....more
Yes, my older siblings were bullies. I was also bullied in school from 3rd through 9th grade. ...more

I'm supposed to be the funny one

A few weeks ago at lunch, my coworker and I played a game of "we can guess your birth order" with the rest of our team. ...more

Successfully Integrate Baby into a Shared Nursery...In Three Steps.

First, take a deep breath.  Second, get a glass of wine (or a shot of vodka, I won't judge) and calm right down.  It isn't as hard as you expect.  Honestly, it will all be fine and probably be faster than transitioning from the swaddle (unless you use a Zipadeezip but that's another topic). ...more

"That's MINE!": 3 Tips for Surviving Sharing Squabbles this Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching, I've had presents on the brain.  Making lists and thinking of things my kids would like to see under the tree.The other not-so-nice thing I've been thinking about?Sharing.Ugh.Nothing says "Merry Christmas" like a smack down over a toy garbage truck.But there is hope!  Your Boxing Day brunch doesn't have to be ruined by a bunch of kids screaming "Mine!  MINE!  MIIIIINNNNNEE!!!!!!!"...more