Should We Lie To Be Politically Correct?

I have to give credit to Miss California, Carrie Prejean.... She stuck to her personal beliefs and answered a controversial question with her truths and her heart instead of being sucked into what is Politically Correct in today's society... here's the scoop in case you did not watch the Miss USA pageant on Sunday night. ...more

I'm with you on the audience behavior. It is not cool to be booed. I understand where it comes ...more

In response to Dr. Sears, Mommy Burnout and the fight I had with my husband this morning

I am so terrifically mad at my husband right now that I want to spit. I shouldn't even be writing about this here. It's not a place to give people the wrong impression that I live with a terrible person or something. That's not the case, so please take it as only a moment in time, a moment in my mind that I absolutely must purge before it throws me down under where I can't think of anything else, where I breathe anger, eat anger and cry anger. And please be kind enough to deal with the run-on sentences, as that is how my mind thinks at a time like this ...more

Are Sitcoms That Deal with Social Issues Gone For Good?

While mourning the passing of the great comedic actress Bea Arthur this week, I couldn't help b ...more

The Real 'Cafones' of New Jersey

On May 12, Bravo will premiere the latest in its chain of "Real Housewives of ..." foolishness, The Real Housewives of New Jersey. ...more

The End of the Rope

I interrupt our regularly scheduled Pimping of Wry to bang you over the head with something not funny at all. ...more

The Holocaust: My Visit to Dachau, a Concentration Camp

Last Week, someone asked me the question, "What is the most memorable place you've ever been?" For me, it occured on July 5, 1995. I know the exact date, because it was the day after my 18th birthday. The place: Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp. (Survivors on Liberation Day: April 29, 1945) ...more

Room Cleaning: My Efforts At a Balanced Approach

Somewhere, at this very moment, my dad is laughing hysterically that I have been given an assignment to write about room cleaning.  Cosmic irony, and all that.  ...more

I gave my parents the exact same problems as a teen, my room was ...more

Every experience enriches you. Cherish the moments!

You were born to succeed. You need to believe that. It's true. ...more

TTC: The Beginning

As stated in my intro, I’m 33.  I have no children, just one very spoiled kitty.  I live with my boyfriend; been together for over 2 years.  I am a part-time caregiver to my terminally ill mother. ...more

Orgo A Go Go?: Buying Organic for Kids?

Organic grapes, yes.  Organic pasta, no.  Organic bananas.  Maybe?  Should you bother buying organic food for your child?  Do we have evidence kids who eat organic have less pesky chemicals in their little bodies? Yes.  Do we know if these substances will prove dangerous to them?  No, not yet.  What do we know about eating organic?  ...more