Zombie Daughters Make Zombie Sons

"WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" His roar is rich and deep and heavy with a rage that 12 years shouldn't know. "AAAAOOOOOWWWWW!...more


I cried over the loss of N’s only child status for months after Little K was born.  I worried I had ruined his little life – that two and a half years was not enough time to be the center of my world, and that he would feel completely displaced forever.  My intention was always to have a second because I grew up with a sister and think every child needs a sibling.  But the reality of that second child was a little different from what I envisioned....more

Too Bad, So Sad: First-Born Problems

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression “first-world problems” -- as in when a privileged person complains about his or her tough life when less fortunate people would do anything to have that “problem.” For example, me complaining about cleaning up for the cleaning ladies is a classic first-world problem -- yet I still do it every other Thursday. Well, this is sort of like that, except I’m talking about first-born problems. ...more
Hmmm this could explain why I'm such a drama queen. My little brother was born when I was 4 1/2.more

Autism Spectrum Disorder: A success story

It has been identified that about one in 88 children have been born with autism spectrum disorder according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Statistics show that over 2 million people in the United States alone are affected by this. This proportion of people with autism spectrum disorder in expected to increase from 10 to 17 percent annually due to the fact of wider awareness and proper screening although there is still a mystery why the continued increase still haunts us....more

Adjusting to a Second (or Third, or Fourth) Baby

While there is always plenty to worry about when you're pregnant, you'll have different concerns when you're pregnant with your second (or third, or fourth...) than you did with your first. When you've already had a baby, your life has already adjusted to the presence of a child. But now you need to adjust your older child(ren) to the presence of a sibling, and you have to figure out how youare going to care for yet another child. Here are some of the common concerns parents have when adding a new baby to the family....more

Let Them be Little

The moment Ethan walked into the hospital room to meet his little brother for the first time, I began seeing him in a different light. Before Jackson's birth he was my baby, but the second Jackson had been extracted from my uterus, he obliviously became the oldest. ...more

The Gift of Siblings: Number Two Is the Lucky One

When our son, Sam, was just under a year old, Marc (my husband) and I seriously began a conversation about trying for a second baby. I was feeling confident that we were ready (or, ready enough), and Marc was opening up to the idea. I think our main difference in thought was that Marc considered a second child to be sort of a “gift” for Sam (how cool would it be for Sam to have a sibling?), while I thought he/she was more a gift for us (how cool will it be for us to have another baby in our lives?). ...more
Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Ladies. We are so  lucky to have them, and yes, ...more

Siblings Five Years Apart

We had not planned on spacing our children five years apart, but that is what happened.  I was diagnosed with secondary infertility and our ideal plan for spacing our children fell apart. I always thought two years was the perfect spacing for siblings.  They would be able to grow up together, playing with each other.  When the two-year mark came and went, I panicked.  My son, Max, would not have the ideal family.  He was missing out on something amazing and I was powerless to stop it....more

The Sucker Punch

I probably shouldn't be so hard on the parents who think their perfect kids are the result of their perfect parenting (and think my kids' issues are exaggerated, made up, or easily fixed by a mere cracking of the whip).I could so easily have been one of them myself ... if I had stopped after my first kid.Apart from the first 12 weeks of ear-splitting, sanity-shattering, soul-shriveling colic, my first child was like Mary Poppins –...more

Mafia or 'Lord of the Flies' -- Never Turn Your Back on Your Kids

I have always been pretty proud of my boys when they are not amongst the husband and me. Everyone always claims they are polite, and always helpful. Never rude. However, what happens when you are close by? Do they behave if they are in their own home- and there is someone unrelated in that home? What I have learned… my boys are a brutal mafia family. At least that’s what a friend told me. ...more