You're my favorite child

 Growing up I constantly gave my mom shit for favoring my brother. Whenever he would walk in the room, her eyes would light up and she would screech his name with delight.  I wanted to puke.  I don’t remember being overly jealous, just disgusted by this bond they seem to have, it was like they had a secret hand shake that I wasn’t in on. Fast forward to the present day and I have four boys of my own.  Do I have a favorite? Do most parents have a favorite?  I think we do....more

Life After Sibling Loss: Why My Son Has Siblings

At the age of three, I was given a gift, a sweet sister. Like most older siblings, I didn’t always feel like she was a gift. My sister went from being a young toddler following my every move and adoring me to being fiercely independent as a teenager. Lots of hair pulling and squabbles over small things, like our Barbie doll collection, is what I can recall from our childhood....more
Thank you for sharing your heartwarming story with us Sharon. So many emotions. Loss of a ...more

Can't Live with Him! Can't Live without Him!

“Why do the three names on the door of the dentist’s office have the same last name?” my youngest asked. ”They come from one family,” I responded. “At first, their father worked alone and when his sons became dentists, he invited them to join him. When he retired, they took over the business and now the two brothers work together.”...more

She Wants a Little Sister...Hah!

So, for the past few days, I have been having a raging argument about whether or not I'll have another baby. Not with my husband, but with one of my kids. She won't give it up, starting in the morning with, "can I tell you a secret? I really want a little sister," going through to after school when she involves other people, "Mrs. R, shouldn't I have a little sister?" and continuing all the way into nightfall when the tiredness overcomes her and she flops on the ground kicking and yelling, "I want a little sister! I want a little sister!"...more

All in the Family

My oldest brother rested his hand on my shoulder. “Want my paper route? Since I leave for college in August? The tips are great.”            I nibbled a fingernail. Regular spending money? Something to do besides watch Gilligan’s Island every afternoon, Monday through Friday?            I grinned....more
@Denise Thanks, Denise! It makes me smile too:)more

the face of joy

Last night, big sister was working on her solo ballet routine. In the last five minutes of the lesson, I am always called in to be the audience. Normally, her teacher has me film the performance as a learning tool.Don't film this time, just watch. Tell us if you notice anything different. I wasn't sure I would be able to see what they wanted me to, I have no training in dance. And my eyes are often blurred by tears....more

Childbirth, Through the Eyes of a Nine Year Old

I made the huge mistake of streaking down the stairs last week with nothing but my pants and bra on to grab a shirt out of the laundry room. About the time I rounded the corner into the kitchen I see both boys sitting at the bar eating their breakfast. The conversation then followed about like this:Evan: "Mom! Your belly button is gone! What's wrong with it?!"...more
Hahaha! I think that is a great explanation ;)more

How Do You Know If You Should Have Another Baby?

When I was pregnant with my second, and then my third, I was often asked how I knew I wanted another. How did I know I wasn't done? Was I trying for "the girl?" How many kids did I want? How did I know? How did I know when I was ready for another?...more

Wash-Rinse-Repeat: Cultivating Sibling Love

Recently I sent my kids to their room to clean it up. Their room is small, they don't have many toys and not much needed putting away. If they worked together, they probably could have gotten the job done in 5 minutes. Instead it took them an hour. They spent much of that hour fighting over who made the mess, who should clean it up, who the toys/clothes/books actually belonged to. They argued over who was helping and who was laying on the floor. They hollered over how unfair it was that they had to clean up after each other when they didn't make the mess. ...more

The Struggle to Find Normal Family Life Amidst Special Needs

He rages again. It's the fifth time since I've been up, counting from the blood-curdling time-out screams that awoke me. I have no idea how many it was before that. Kyle's on kid duty in the mornings since it's summer, a blessed reprieve from the glass-walking that is morning time with those two. This time, it's because WALL-E is on, because Tova picked it while he was throwing a fit in his room. That's part of what he does now -- something disrupts his despotic rule over our family and he runs to the stairs, hitting and slapping them as he goes up to his room to lay on his bed with the blankets over him....more
*hugs* I won't tell you I know what you're going through because I don't, but I will tell you ...more