I’ve had a good cry on and off the last two days. With my boys still home from school due to the evacuations in our area, I tried to give them a fun day out. Things didn’t go as planned. But it isn’t what you may be thinking, my oldest wasn’t the challenge, it was my youngest....more
Thanks DesiValentine4 for your encouraging words, I sure need them today!more

New Study Shows Higher Autism Rates for Autism Siblings

How likely is a child with autism to have an autistic sibling? The medical journal Pediatrics recently published results from the UC Davis MIND Institute's Infant Sibling Study, showing that nearly 20 percent of 664 infant siblings of children with autism -- infants who were tracked and evaluated from age six to thirty-six months -- developed an autism spectrum disorder. This rate is much higher than previous estimates of three to ten percent....more
I read a similar report before my youngest was born. I was prepared just in case Kalen was ...more

Sibling Revelry

Raksha Bandhan image from www.4to40.comAre you ready for Raksha Bandhan?...more

My Summer of the Wild Gorilla Boy

Do you remember that towheaded toddler from about three and a half weeks ago?...more

Which "One" Am I?

My brother is here for the holiday weekend. He's the only one that actually stayed home while the rest of us uprooted here for some reason that I still have trouble explaining to people. It's rather unusual that we all ended up moving our lives to the midwest while my brother remains in Sunny California. Most people here would think we've been living in the midwest and he was the one that went off to live the glamourous LA life....more

I Dropped My Daddy In The Dirt

Tuesday was not a very good day.  Bro asked me to help him with Daddy and the doctor visit.  His back has been an issue and getting Daddy and a wheelchair down two steps has been worrisome for him.  Sure I can help.  First, the wheelchair is a bit old.  In fact, looking through old pictures I found is of me when I broke my leg at age 11, forty-four years ago, I'll be darned, I think it is the same wheelchair that Daddy is using.  It was my great grandmother's.  Could be another one but it is still OLD! ...more

The Perfect Family- it's all smoke and mirrors..

As originally written and posted on Band Back together May 17, 2011This weekend will kick-off further pictorial evidence of just how perfect my family is....more

My Middlest


My Brother Broke My Heart by Jean Kwok

Let me tell you about the worst thing that has ever happened to me. As the youngest of seven children, I used to lie in bed and worry about the rest of my family all dying before me. My only consolation was my older brother Kwan, who was the closest to me in age. We would go through it together, until the bitter end, and in my over-imaginative mind, I thought that saying good-bye to him would be the worst of all. Then, in November 2009, Kwan disappeared a few days before Thanksgiving weekend. ...more
Jean,  I'm truly so very sorry to hear about your loss.  I last saw Kwan in August where he had ...more

Welcome Home, Honey

*I have lovingly nicknamed my daughters The Tortoise and The Hare. The Tortoise is 13 and The Hare is 9. DW is my husband. Get to know them better at, My Pajama Days.  Having children four years apart has its advantages and disadvantages....more