The Chronicles of Insomnia: A Journey with my Tween Through the Land of No-Sleep

When my daughter Anna was a baby, she slept like a baby....more

The Mommy complaint guide

I have single friends who like to tell me how busy they are or how tired they feel during the day. I also have Mom friends who do not work and who have nanny services who like to tell me how rough it is being a mom....more

Why You Need More Sleep Than You Think

I know you. You sleep four or five hours a night, and feel accomplished because in the crazy, hectic, busy world you inhabit, sleeping less is one way to do more of the many tasks on your to-do list. I know this because I lived it. ...more
TerriOliverSteffes I am sure naps must help in some way, after all, don't we all feel better ...more

Seven hours of sleep at night

It's 10 pm; the house is quiet. I double-check the locks on all the doors and go room-by-room, turning off the lights. The dishwasher is humming, the cat is following me, and there is a slight glow at the top of the stairs from our hallway nightlight. I slowly push back the door to my son's room to check on him. (I cherish the way he looks in slumber with one hand up by his face and an arm wrapped around his favorite stuffed animal.) I sneak into his room silently to find him sitting up at the side of the bed....more

Knowing your body's clock

I am one of those dreaded morning people....more

Don't wake that baby up

In our household I think about sleep a lot: Who is getting enough of it and how to get more quality sleep. I am obsessed over my own sleep as well as that of the bears I live with and help wake up in the morning....more

Teach baby to sleep through the night

Every baby is capable of sleeping through the night. Studies of billions of babies [1] have shown that, developmentally speaking, their brains and stomachs can endure 8 hours without parental intervention sometime between 4 and 6 months of age. Some babies naturally sleep through the night. However, babies with more sensitive temperaments may need a little coaxing as billions of sleep-deprived parents can attest....more

Will ESP make my baby sleep through the night?

You can blame sleep deprivation madness if you like but I am beginning to convince myself this is working. ESP (extra-sensory perception) as the new get baby back to sleep tool. Whoever wrote the phrase sleeping like a baby was a mad man. Unless of course he meant the phrase to mean something else. Something else akin to hellishness.Anyway, my precious Angel wakes up a lot in the night....more