Is it worth the sleep dept?

In the movie About a Boy, Hugh Grant's character, Will, has a line where he summaries how he divides his day into units of time....more

Rise and Shine

When I was in college I knew someone who knew someone who was trying to widdle is required sleep time down to three hours because he read somewhere that geniuses only needed three hours sleep. Appartently there are people who do this and there are guides that set out to help you train yourself to need only three hours sleep....more

New study shows we can learn while we sleep

You know that a lack of sleep can significantly affect your memory and ability to learn new things. But a new study has shown that we can actually learn new things WHILE we sleep!How did researchers figure this out? Actually, it was a simple test. The sleeping participants would hear a tone, followed by an odor. Eventually, they sniff when the hear the tone (even if no odor is produced). The researchers could even see the people sniffing, then either breathing deeply (if the smell was good), or cutting their breath short (if the smell was bad)....more

Wake-up Call


Toddlers and bet time routines

I’ll start this off by saying that I truly believe that good bedtime routines start almost as soon as the first night.  With Peanut we were cautious to teach her the difference between day and night the day we brought her home from the hospital....more

Sleep Off Those Cheez Doodles

 I am a real fan of reading about fitness, nutrition and as always, weight loss. Have you ever noticed that all the articles are the fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean meat, avoid full fat meats, dairy, white bread, potatoes, sugar and processed foods? Exercise more, eat less, portion control....ok so you've heard it all too....more

Sleeping your way to Wisdom and Intuition - in the Social Media Era

How many times you do hear the terminology "Why don't you just sleep on it?"...more

Why Does My Toddler Think He's a Newborn?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Let me start by saying I adore my kid in insurmountable ways, but I'm going to go ahead and admit our now-more-frequent time together in the evening (all evening into morning) are dates I can do without. Little dude is 2.5 and was an awesome sleeper until about 3 weeks ago, where he apparently decided to take my Weissbluth book and start a bonfire with her lessons on going to bed early....more
I have an 11-year-old with insomnia and panic attacks at night.  We adopted her at 9 thinking ...more

Tales of a Reluctant Bed Sharer

My Imaginary Friend Sleep

When I was a young girl, about the same age my daughters are now, I had two imaginary friends:  Starsky and Hutch....more