I'm stalking myself

I asked for - and received - a fitbit for Christmas. I thought it would make me move more throughout my day. And maybe it does. But what it has really done has made me obsessed with my sleep. ...more

To Be Nocturnal

I’m basically a professional sleeper. ...more
I'm trying to limit coffee to one cup and then tea for the rest of the day, this is encouraging! ...more

OTC sleep aids linked to dementia

Over the last few years, you may have heard about the dangers of Ambien (a prescription sleep aid), but new research now says that over-the-counter sleep aids have their own downside: they're linked to dementia.Research from the University of Washington School of Pharmacy in Seattle found a significant correlation between an increased risk of developing dementia and Alzheimer's and high use of anitcholinergic drugs. These drugs include OTC sleep aids and the antihistamine Benadryl....more
ParentInProgress samanthamarieB I definitely understand where you're coming from. It's a tough ...more

Weekly Wellness Challenge: Sleep Well.

Why does it always seem like Monday morning wake up is so much more difficult than any other day? I even tend to sleep more on Sunday nights than any other night but the alarm goes off and I dread getting out from underneath my warm covers…especially when it is cold outside!...more

A curfew for your devices

My son got a new electronic device with all his Christmas loot. It's like a Fitbit for kids, so it tracks his physical activity throughout the day and gives him rewards and games to play. It's a great little device and he is excited about it....more

Dazed, Confused

My dad has an early diagnosis of CJD or Prion disease. It's not good. I feel completely helpless. In fact, I feel like I have no family right now. I feel disconnected even though we are all doing the best we can.  The last two days there have snow days in our school district so no school for me or my son. You would think it would bring us together... yea right. I feel all the more disconnected.  This past week was also my first class @ night school. I felt guilty....more

Why your baby isn't sleeping

The short answer: Because your baby isn't tired. "But," you say to me, "He was tired at this time last night and it's been more than four hours since his last nap. He should be tired." He's a baby, not a clock....more

Why I nurse my baby to sleep

I just read another article by a self-proclaimed "parenting visionary" telling her readers not to rock, let alone nurse their babies to sleep at the risk of causing a life-time dependency and destroying all chances of a good night's rest. Seriously? I frequently wonder who these people are and whether they gave birth to robots....more

NaBloPoMo day 12: crazy cats, sleep gadgets & MOAR. COFFEE.

at this rate, my time will come probably at some point next week. i have never looked forward to anything more in my life. ever. goodbye, cruel, sleep-stealing world!...more