Secrets to Improving Wellness

Wellness is about preventing ill health and remaining in a happy and energetic state as much as you possibly can. You always hear about the people who tell you to take up yoga and eat healthily. It’s very general advice which is reasonably easy to follow. There are some other things you can do which don’t often get mentioned. Here are a few of the secrets to improving your wellness. Eat and Drink ...more

Trustful Parenting Experiment #1: No Bedtime

Bedtime has been an ever-evolving routine in our house. I know some parents who establish a bedtime routine for their kid when he’s six months old and hardly deviate from it for the next few years, but that hasn’t been our experience. From nursing to rocking and singing to no singing to no rocking to snuggling with the lights on to reading books to no more books to snuggling with the lights out… we adapt and do what works....more

Bedtimes for everyone

My bedtime is 10 pm. This is self-imposed, of course. I am a (mostly) fully-functioning adult. And I also recognize that if I don't go to bed at that time, then I will be extra groggy at 5:15 when the cat/alarm/cat alarm wakes me the next morning....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns Sleep is so important and it's wonderful that you have them on such a fixed ...more

A little noise goes a long way

We sleep with a fan on. It's not for the breeze (I don't even think it is pointed at the bed), but for the quiet sound it emits. Our son sleeps with a music player shuffling through some hand-picked soft music. I am not sure how all of us got used to sleeping with a little bit of noise, but that's a different post for a different day....more

Tomorrow Night, I'll Get More Sleep

It is my opinion that society in general is operating, on a daily basis, under an unprecedented level of exhaustion. Why do I think this? Look and listen to the people around you. How many times a day do you hear someone say, “I’m so tired.” or “Where’s the coffee?” or “I need some caffeine to get through this afternoon.” ...more
That's my mantra: tomorrow night I'll get more sleep. Never happens. Even if I go to bed early ...more

I'll admit it....

I was beat.I fell asleep on half of the season premier of Amish Mafia.I woke up and my union had negotiated(tentatively)an 8 year contract with my employer.Say WHAT?Now I am awake and it is working on the wee small hours and if you think I can fall asleep now, well, think again.My future is dependent on this contract and do you think for one stinking minute I can find anything about the retiree portion on-line? Nope? Google, union web site, local news station, local print media? Zip....more

Dream Your Way to a Healthy Heart

Everybody knows that Heart Disease is the leading cause of death amongst both women and men.  But did you know that the majority of women have at least one risk factor for heart disease and don't even realize it?...more

Let's learn something: Bad dreams are scary

I remember the first time my son told me about a bad dream. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "I dreamed there was no milk."Did I immediately scoop him into my arms and get him some chocolate milk? You bet I did (he was only two)!Since then, my son has told me about lots of bad dreams. His descriptions are always succinct:...more

Nightly mattress blues

Growing bodies need room to grow. For my little guy, we moved him straight from his crib to a full-sized bed - skipping the toddler bed/twin bed experience entirely. He loves that all his stuffed animals can fit on the bed with him, and I love that there is room to curl up next to him to read books at night....more

Shhh! Mommy needs a nap

After a certain point, I just got used to my current level of exhaustion. When my son was born, night feedings were just part of life, and sleeping through the night meant five hours of continuous sleep (and oh, was it wonderful). As my son has gotten older, I am still woken up by his sweet voice asking me questions in the middle of the night. (See yesterday's post.)...more