I went to bed right after the kids last night. Or just before, if you count me dozing off on the couch while Cransky read Percy Jackson "The Lightning Thief" to River. Magnolia had already succumbed to the heavy eyes that follow the falling back of the clock and I had tucked her in, and sang to her The Dance. ...more

The (Sleep) Struggle is Real - What Happens Before & After the Alarm

BEFORE MY ALARM GOES OFF IN THE MORNINGMy bed transforms into the hot, fiery pits of Hell and I begin sweating and ripping off articles of clothing.  I can’t get comfortable and I’m violently thrashing around. WHEN MY ALARM GOES OFF IN THE MORNING...more

Six Simple Reasons to get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of those time consuming things that I often take for granted. I think it's the consequence of being a perpetually sleep deprived student. Recently, my husband and I purchased a brand new firm-but-soft-super-comfy mattress and I LOVE it! I find it hard to leave my bed, especially after our sheets are freshly laundered....more

Dr. Oz: Win at weight loss by discovering your sleep type

Is your bedtime making you fat? That's the question posed by Dr. Mehmet Oz on a recent talk show where he teamed up with renowned sleep doctor Michael J. Breus, author of "The Sleep Doctor's Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep."...more

Just five more minutes, Mom

As mentioned before, when it comes to mornings, I am awake and ready to go. This ability served me well in middle school and high school when I was responsible for getting myself awake, dressed and to school (via the bus or my own two feet) on time. I set my own alarm and I didn't hit the snooze button....more

An Affair to Remember

Our relationship has changed since I had kids. It seems like such a short time ago that we spent our long, blissful nights together. Sometimes you’d swoop in while I was relaxing on the couch enjoying a glass of wine during the prime time lineup; other times I’d call on you in the wee hours of the morning after a fun evening out with friends. You were always so refreshing and gentle, and if I was lucky, you’d stay with me past Saturday morning breakfast. After you departed, I’d awake feeling like a new woman. A woman who could conquer the world without batting an eye....more

Secret to Sleeping Like a Baby

Wouldn't it be nice to sleep like a baby again?  Well, a recent study of insomniacs who drank a cup of tart cherry juice twice per day slept for an amazing 84 additional minutes than when they drank placebo juice.  Cherries contain melatonin and may be the active element that helps with sleep....more

Sleep the Day Away

Jeez…I came in from work yesterday and our drives up from Sundays officially caught up to us. Jim had napped during the day and we both crashed around 5PM and slept through 11PM. The dogs LET us sleep. It was incredible, but as I always stated, I was from the ” I need a full six to eight hours a day or else I am worth crap..”school.We used to, on occasion, try to sleep through and come up early Monday morning. No good.Obviously coming up later on Sunday night is a little tiring too!Stay tuned and we’ll see if we get a happy medium before retirement time!...more

At night I dream of sleep

There is a note in my baby book that scares me a little. My mother wrote it in the four-year-old section:        NO NAPS! ...more