How raising a kid with special needs affects your marriage

This morning, I was trying to get up a flight of stairs at the train station only there was an elderly couple in front of me moving in slow-mo. As I trudged up behind them, going at their pace, I noticed how gently the husband was cupping his wife's elbow. Then they got to a landing, and as I darted around them I heard him say to her, in the sweetest way, "Are you tired, sweetheart? We can rest here a while." ...more

Wow! I'm a guardian!

By Billie Brown ...more

Does Your Child Have Amblyopia?

Does your child have lazy eye or do you suffer from lazy eye yourself? Amblyopia, also known as “lazy eye”, is a known eye problem that is discovered in millions of children every year. With this condition, the brain tends to use one eye over the other. This will cause vision in one eye to be significantly greater than the vision available in the other eye. The eye that is affected by lazy eye will not be as strong as the eye that the eye is using as the primary eye. ...more

The "Tail" Of Rugby Jones: A Rascal's Journey From Disability To Ability

New Book Introduces A Hero to Handicapped and Special Needs Kids BOYERTOWN, Pennsylvania (September 8, 2009) - Author Claudia Broome has created a literary hero. He is a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Rugby Jones who is paraplegic and not about to let that stop him. The “Tail” of Rugby Jones captures Claudia’s dynamic personal story about how Rugby is captivating thousands of people with his humorous, lovably cocky and to-the-point message that disability is really ability in disguise.   ...more



The book is available September 10, 2009 ...more

Let the Internets Soothe and Support You

Are you feeling lonely, isolated, or misunderstood as a result of having special needs factors in your life? I truly hope not, but if so, please know: you are not alone. Your people are out there, waiting to meet you, support you, understand you, offer you advice, and help you expand your knowledge, expertise, advocacy toolbox, and awareness of your rights. ...more

Thanks, Kara, I especially appreciated the current featured article about more

A Letter to My Child's Teacher

Leo isn't my only child -- he has one sister entering kindergarten and another entering middle school -- but I will get to talk to my girls' teachers every day when I drop them off and pick them up. Meanwhile, Leo will be riding a bus twenty miles each way to a county school for kids with autism and behavioral issues. His teacher has the upper elementary class -- the big kids -- which in my opinion is one of the most challenging teaching positions in our county. I want her to know that I'm grateful she'll be teaching my son, and exactly how much I believe in her abilities. ...more

We are very fortunate; Leo has a great teacher, and had one for the past two years as well. ...more

Living with Autism Diagnosis: One Year Later

MommyQ is about to reach an important milestone in her mommy life. It has been almost one year since I first blogged about my son’s autism diagnosis. My first post about his diagnosis, Autism Means My Son Is Happy When He’s Flappy, was probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever written. Yes, it was even harder than all of my college research papers and I was an English major, so there were plenty of those. ...more

Using Behavioral Approaches in Autism (And on Anyone)

Behavioral methods are usually associated with autism and early intervention, or orca training. But guess what? You can use them to change the behavior of almost anyone: your children, your partner, your co-workers, even icky blog or Twitter trolls. I am a huge fan of behavioral methods because they have helped my son gain so many skills, but I also confess that I use the methods to mold behaviors whenever I can. Let me tell you how you can play puppeteer, too. ...more

I did say that this was conditioning in the initial intro. But ideally we seek out and reward ...more

A Bill of Rights for Parents of Kids with Special Needs

We, the parents, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure tranquility (and sanity) and promote the general welfare of our families, do ordain and establish this Bill of Rights. ...more

A letter to my child with cerebral palsy: I do not regret your special needs

Dear Max,  It's the night before your stem cell infusion at Duke University.   ...more