Pumpkin Spice Latte & Frugalista Chic

Ahh... the holidays are upon us... Images of sugar plums dancing in our heads while dreaming if Santa Claus will be providing us with treats (or a big fat lump of coal) under our Christmas trees. Who am I kidding?! That is what I want.. those images on the books I read to my son at bedtime. ...more

I love the holiday drinks. I splurge on Starbucks too. That is actually one of my favorite ...more

'Project Runway' Alum Gehlhausen to Appear at THREAD

More often than not, the 45-year-old owner of the downtown boutique Goga turned out perfectly constructed, wearable, stunning garments; and more often than not, she was cast aside by judges. Finally, showing what was, arguably, the best of the designs on the runway during the final challenge, Gehlhausen was eliminated, one challenge short of showing at Fashion Week. Now, Gehlhausen is back in San Diego, focused on her designs and her boutique, optimistic about the future and looking forward to a weekend appearance at THREAD....more

Blushing and Sweet!

Hi!Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Marie, I am a 32 year old woman living in Montreal, Canada. First I want to say how wonderful I think your site is. It's a place where women can connect and feel empowered. I'm so happy I found you! I found some other great blogs on your site as well and I noticed there aren't very many blogs from Canada, particularly Montreal....more

Good Hair

It's taken me so long to love my curly hair…  Actually I'm not quite there yet--I don't love it, but I do like it a lot more than when I was growing up.  As a child I was surrounded by people who told me that I had "bad" hair.  They said that I inherited my father's "bad" hair....more

Being sent back to "control that hair", too funny I have totally been there.  Even at ...more

Miley & The Gang - Sexy Too Soon

Miley Cyrus and the stripper pole at Teen Choice awards - did you see it?  I saw it in the clips shown on TV and checked it out on You Tube, and while it wasn't a full pole dance, it was meant to simulate one.  Honestly it wasn’t a shock.  When the skirts on pre-teen and teen stars on TV rose up to crotch level, there wasn’t anyplace else to go except to take that next step into pretend-stripper territory.  No offense to strippers.  No offense to mini-skirt wearing ladies.  I was one of the latter and have nothing against the former. ...more

I love makeup!

Well I am new here at blogher.com but I thought I would first day hi and tell you all about my blog and what I love. My blog if called Addict For Beauty. It focuses on makeup, skincare, nails, hair, fashion, pop culture and more. I love makeup and skin care. I have an obession with it! ...more

Have a beauty inspired day!


Thank you for your kind comments. I checked ...more

A Quick, Easy and Cheap Baby Present!

My sister, Brooke, came up with this great idea for a baby girl gift after she had her first daughter. She wasn't happy with any of the hair bows she found in the stores, so she decided to make her own. ...more
This was a very great idea I made them for my daughter every one loved themmore


This is my first blog entry here at BlogHer, and I am so excited!  It's probably best to introduce myself and explain what I do.   I am Sandi - a.k.a. the HomeBadger.  My company is HomeBadger Creations, Inc (www.homebadger.com).  I have a home-based business in South Jersey and I sell handmade apparel wraps, shawls, scarves and yoga blankets for people of all ages, from almost any fabric requested.  ...more