EnchantedMakeovers.org – Off The Fence and Making A Difference

When deciding what to write about today, I opted to bring a human interest story to you, my wonderful readers. You know how I feel about all things WOMAN. I love discussing all the issues that women of all ages face, and this story touched me deep in my gut. I hope after reading about an incredible woman and her story, Terry Grahl and her organization Enchanted Makeovers, you will be just as inspired as I was. Her energy and passion literally jumped out of the phone, and I had to pass her story on to all of you. Enjoy!...more

Kid Suspended for Camping Utensils as Schools Are Forced to Parent

Last month the San Francisco Chronicle reported that six-year-old Zachary Christie had been suspended for 45 days for bringing a camping utensil that contained a knife to school. Because he was excited about Boy Scouts.It seems the school board did come to its senses and reduce his sentence, but the knee-jerk application of a zero-tolerance policy enacted to protect students in the wake of school violence for basically packing a spork is troubling. Where do you draw the line? ...more

A 6 year old can't be responsible for this.  I'm sure he didn't know that it was against ...more

Helicopters Landing: Overparenting Trend Taking a Turn?

Perhaps I have been team parenting too long! With our five kids and their six different sports, we are two worn-out parents!! Just this evening, as basketball season opened for my high school aged daughter, I, once again a designated team parent, was rushing...more

Oh, ...more

Just hang up and drive!

That's right, hang up the damn phone! You're hurtling in 2 tons of machine down the street, weaving in and out of your lane, slowing down, speeding up, cutting people off. And you, backing out of your driveway, cutting me off (and fortunately not running over a child): I'm sorry, but I just don't get what is so damned important than you have to be yakking on the phone right after you got into your car. Couldn't you make the call, then drive? Oh, you weren't talking, you were texting? What are you, stupid? You're a hazard. A menace! ...more

Every frigging day that I walk I have to deal with cCell phone & texting users in cars. ...more

Mean Girls in Teen Fiction

When I say the words "teens" and "mean girls" I know that many of you shudder a little. We all know some. Some of us have been their target. Some of us have been mean girls ourselves. Some of have been on both sides. We see them reflected in movies, tv show and fiction. But are they really as bad and as prevalent as we make them out to be? Have they become an easy and empty archtype? ...more

A few weeks ago I probably would have said, "Huh?" But her collected works are part of the more

I Write Love Letters and Save Them

I write love letters to my sons. I save them after they’ve read them, in the back of their sock drawers. They resurface when it’s time to do laundry and get buried again when we put the clothes away....more

Top Turkey Day Tips for Real Moms

There’s a chill in the air, a blaze of color in the leaves and a slew of baking items on every retail endcap. Ah yes, ‘tis the holiday season. And whether you’re hosting your entire family or going over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house, the holidays require tips – lots and lots of tips....more

The 7 Mommy Musts for Family Dinners

My husband, Sean, works crazy hours, as you probably know if you read my blog, and he often doesn't get home until I'm tucking the twins into bed. We've always kept the weekends as sacred as possible, making sure that the kids get an extra large dose of "daddy time", and Sunday nights have traditionally been set aside as Family Night, but during the weekdays, he has been essentially absent....more

in my mothers kitchen....

i have noticed that i have been thinking about my mother a lot lately. maybe it is the impending holiday rush and i miss her. but most of my thoughts have been about her in the kitchen, and the great cook she was. i spent a lot of time in the kitchen with her, more than normal i think looking back on it. i know she is the reason i am a great cook, not good but great. my mom worked everyday except wednesdays and sundays and worked in the same building for 25 years. first at rascoe's and then newberry's in the yardage department, cutting fabric and helping customers find notions or patterns....more

Tea Party Syndrome

My mom calls it the "Tea Party Syndrome." Where you've had a million tea parties with your kid, but all they remember is you never having tea parties with them... read more at Pajamas and Coffee....more