An Adventure in Research

Harry Potter. Twilight. Lord of the Rings. It’s safe to say that Fantasy Fiction has become one of the most popular and beloved genres of our time. But have you ever thought about what goes on behind the scenes of the book? Most often, the research that goes into the book is more time-consuming than actually writing it. ...more

Old Turtle And The Broken Truth

My oldest daughter, Yuna, brought a book home from her school library the other day. It was called: Old Turtle And The Broken Truth I read it to her before bedtime and it turned out to be one of the most touching and beautiful children stories I have ever read. The pictures were breath taking and the story itself had me choked up while reading it. It was that good. ...more

Kentucky Discriminates against Singles : Senate Bill 68

Senate Bill 68: 'Kids Lose Homes, Kentuckians Lose Millions Act' OMG,I'm SEEING RED. KY has senate bill 68 that would make it so that any person co-habitating with someone they aren't "legally married to ILLEGAL. (not that i'm co-habitating with anyone... and i'm fully hetero, but what's next? NO Singles allowed to adopt at all???) ...more

Botanical Gardens candy train theme party at home!!

Create a Botanical Garden Train show at home for a fun and beautiful birthday party idea.  We set a gorgeous table complete with Limoge china and antique crystal, and Irish linens.  We then ran train tracks around the perimeter of the table and put an old fashion train on the tracks and filled the cars with candies.  Then we filled in all spaces with tons of flowers and plants.  We still had several charming soft pink poinsettias so we used them. ...more

Other People's Kids

“All unattended children will be given espresso and a free puppy.”                                           ….sign in a shop window ...more

In Which My Husband Greets My Daughter's Future Boyfriend at the Door with a Gun

I started dating early. I've been on birth control since I was a teenager.  I've forgotten the names of half the people I've dated, but there were many, and it was lovely. I've never regretted my dating history. I have no real qualms about my daughter dating someday. I'm a little worried about my husband. ...more

Your reaction and Nelle's reaction make me think this should've been broken into two separate ...more

These organic cotton tees give back—and inspire a conversation about what we can do for kids in third-world countries.

Looking for a little morning inspiration to get your kids dressed and out the door? Try an organic cotton tee that gives back—and looks great doing it. Then take your cereal conversation to another level and talk about what these shirts are doing for kids in third-world countries. ...more

Tyler Florence on Cooking with Family

It was such an honor to be invited to interview Tyler Florence, author and celebrity chef of Food Network's Food 911, How to Boil Water, and Tyler's Ultimate. As a working parent, concerned with feeding my family well, it was only natural for me to ask Tyler about how a busy man like himself is able to spend time with his family in the kitchen. ...more

Healthy Ski Snacks for the Family

You have spent a long day on the slopes and have worked up an appetite.   Stumbling into the lodge, you find it hard to resist the scent of french fries and hot cocoa.  After all, what could be better than a warm high-energy snack after a day of strenuous exercise? ...more

Hair, Body & Sole Salon and Spa in Apex Releases Edgy ‘Teen Angst’ Photography Collection Showcasing More Than Just Hair Trends

This article written by Cheri' Kinney, the owner of Hair, Body & Sole Salon and Spa in Apex unveils the secret culture many of today's teens live in. If you have a teenage daughter, or will soon have one, I feel this article is important to read. You can access the photos referenced in the press release at or at this Facebook link.   ...more