The Mother Of The Octuplets Speaks

And to think, she doesn't even have an Apu with a milk bag!! This woman is SCREWED! (although... not literally) ...more

Familial GPS

The thing about parents is that they have a tendency to go off without telling you where they’re going.  ...more

Two And A Half Men, Goodbye

I’ve watched Two And A Half Men since it began, not because I was especially drawn to the premise but because there weren’t many half hour sitcoms left to choose from, and that whole CBS Monday night block is a breath of fresh air.  The show must have tons of viewers, since Charlie  Sheen is said to be the highest paid actor on television.  ...more

What this Christian Spiritual Director Tells Kids About Sex

The teenagers have landed in my house -- three lovely young one's between the ages of 15 and 19 have come to stay. And apparently what they want to do more than anything (other than to eat every piece of food in the house) is to chat up the lady-who-is-not-their-mother about all the things they feel they can't talk to their parents about. Namely, sex. Yes friends, it is a shock and awe campaign of revelations over here, and I am spinning, spinning, spinning trying to do soulcare for these little bundles of hormones. ...more

I really love this post — especially the promises you make as a parent. I have many thoughts ...more

Taylor Spears Recommends VALENTINES music for everyone you love!

Check out this month's special Valentine's Taylor Spears Recommends Music list at: ...more

Is Grandma Okay?

Grandparents can play so many different roles in the lives of their grandkids. Sometimes it's patient teacher, sometimes it's walks in the park and kite flying, sometimes it's chief caregiver. Whatever their role, inevitably their grandchild will see them change and grow older. This story, Is Granma Okay? by Laura G. of, explores that topic through the eyes of a young girl.  ...more

Stephen King Said What?

Stephen King Said What?? ...more

Quarter-Life Crisis

The further I delve into my twenties, the more frightened I become. Perhaps the scariest moment was the last week of my last year in undergrad. This is when it really hit me that I’m growing up whether I like it or not, and that graduating into full-blown adulthood is not nearly as luxurious or exciting as I thought it would be when I was a kid. As thoughts of grad school and job applications flood my brain, I begin to ...more

This Ain't a Love Song: What I'll Tell My Girl About Relationships

I'm married to my daughter's father.  Both of her grandmothers are married to her grandfathers. All of her cousins' parents are married to each other.   In other words, my daughter is being raised by a freak family. ...more

While it's been said many times, I think in the context of this
touching post, it bears ...more

Facebook: Will Teens Jump Ship with the Rapid Influx of Adults?

  Facebook was originally created for college students in 2004. In fact, when it first began, an email from an educational institution was required to join. When Facebook removed that requirement in 2006, many younger teens switched over from Myspace and Facebook grew rapidly. However, what many people, including myself, might not have originally predicted, Facebook has now become extremely popular with adults. And not just young adults, but baby boomers, many of whom have teenage children also on Facebook. ...more