101 Years Old and Still Writing

The Daily Mail Online (Dailymail.co.uk) has an awesome article posted about a 101 year old romance novelist who is writing her 130th book for Mills & Boon ...more

Meet My Manuscript Monday: Teddies

>> See the original post and more like this here: http://fabyuhluhs.com/?p=93 << by Rach "Lil Miss Texas" 18/Texas/High School Senior   Rach being author-y. Oh, just publish her already! (Photo credit: Rach's dad) I'm sharing with you the prologue and first chapel of a novel I'm working on called Teddies. This is meant to be a dark comedy. (I'm a satire addict.) I welcome constructive criticism, so please give me tips on anything from grammar and syntax to style and themes. Please enjoy and comment below with ANY comments or questions. Synopsis (click "Read the rest of this entry..." to see the full text): It's tough when you move to a new school, especially when a Jewish prophet high on LSD has convinced a cult full of teenaged upper-class serial killers that you're their messiah, sparking a series of murders and terror on your town and ending in a massive police chase after you turn yourself and them all in for several counts of premeditated homicide. But hey, it's all in a day's work when you're Will Truman... ...more

Tuesday Tuneage: Angry British Girls

Why are British girls so much better at communicating their rage than us Americans? No, seriously. Where can we get some of that snark? We have spent much time praising the likes of singer-songwriters Kate Nash, Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen, and, who knows whether it's something in the water (or tea? har har), these girls all hail from the UK. We felt it only right then to dedicate the first article of Fabyuhluhs's regular Tuesday Tuneage feature to the women artists who, in accents we covet, inspire us to rock out and stick it to the man every time we hit play. ...more

The day I stopped being "cool"

In reality I probably began my descent into uncoolness long before Saturday night, but that’s when I had my epiphany. It came in the form of a text message exchange from oldest son, who had a nickname here but now I can’t remember what it was. Oh yes - Bubta. (Whatever.) Anyway, he’s closing in on age 13 but think he’s more like 15 or 16. ...more

For the Love of Pete Book Review

For The Love Of Pete Book Review    ...more

Milk Movie Review

Milk Movie Review     This past weekend I saw an incredible film that has a good chance at winning best movie ...more

Angry Chicks in Leather

KB's Ponderings In Regards to Angry Chicks in Leather    When Ana from the Book Smugglers bought to my attention an article called Angry Chicks in Leather, that Urban Fantasy author Lillith Saintcrow wrote for ...more

The Death of the NY Times?

The Death of the NY Times?    The Atlantic Magazine has a very interesting article about the death of print newspapers. The New York Times is the main newspaper discussed in this article. ...more

The Girl Revolution Launch Party

Announcing The Girl Revolution Launch Party. The Girl Revolution’s only aim is to heal the soul of the world by raising powerful girls. Readers of The Girl Revolution know that girls are one of the most vital resources of the world. We’re going to protect them from media consumption and dissolve every single barrier that exists between girls and gender and economic equality. How do I know this? ...more