Suburbs of Our Discontent

If you’re interested in taking your kid to see a Shakespeare play, A Midsummer Night’s Dream's your best bet. There's rhyming, slapstick humor, dumb parents, and fairies. No evil or scary characters appear, and the overall silly quotient is very high. What's not to like?  ...more

Real Live Writer

Playgrounds ...more

Big Change Chronicles, Conclusion: An Amaryllis Of Peace

by Agnes KrupThis is the conclusion of Agnes Krup's Big Change Chronicles, which began with this postLate November...more

Day 5: Perseverance Baby!

Taking it all down

As I sit her drinking a cup of hot tea I am dreading taking all the ornaments down off the tree and packing it all up and putting it away. It always makes me a little bit sad to take it all down. All the hubbub of the holidays is over and I always feel a little let down about this time every year. ...more

Celebrating Turning 18

by Lily CasuraSeventeen years ago Wednesday, I knelt on a carpeted floor in a rented Seattle apartment, tilting a carrot cake I’d just finished baking and decorating with a big numeral “1” in grated carrots, with a single candle – towards a toddler I’ll call Eli, wobbly and uncertain on his feet, supported by his mother’s protective grasp....more

The Baby-Sitters Club Makes A Comeback

Like many women my age I grew up reading The Baby-Sitters Club. We'd exchange books at lunch and read them under our desk when we should have been paying attention to the teacher. So I was kind of excited when I read in the New York Times that The Baby-Sitters Club is making a comeback and there's a new prequel. ...more

Wow, this brings back memories! I remember devouring these books when I was in middle ...more

Happy 2010!

Lesbian Moms Rejected as Leaders of Son's Cub Scout Troop

Cate and Elizabeth Wirth, a lesbian couple in Vermont, were told by a Vermont district director of the Boy Scouts that they could no longer volunteer for their son's Cub Scout troop after it became known that they are a couple. According to the Rutland Herald, Richard Stockton, Scout executive for the Green Mountain Council, confirmed, "The national policy of the Boy Scouts of America is we don't accept gays and lesbians as volunteers." This is awful, but given the Boy Scout's previous history with gay matters, it is perhaps not surprising. (For the record, I also have a serious problem with the fact that the Boy Scouts don't allow atheists or agnostics to be leaders, either.) What is interesting, however, and what I hope will stir some discussion among those of you who are around over the holiday, is this comment from one of the mothers:...more

This is the type of thing why I will not let my sons join the Boy Scouts. There are other ...more

2010 My year to get HEALTHY off drugs and overeating...

Okay here we go....I am making 2010 my New Healthy Life. I have a problem with prescription pain meds, and chocolate. I am an obese addict. I weigh 235lbs. and I can't keep a bottle of 120count hydrocodone for more than 6 days. I also can't eat just ONE of anything. I have made many New Years resolutions to lose x amount of pounds by the next year. However because of my weight have become addicted to pain pills for my back, it happened slowly over the last 6 years. This year and for the rest of my life I want to be healthy, weight, drug free, and mind HEALTHY....more

I have a horrible migraine, I am 16 days clean, and 19 months sober today. This is really ...more