Lost in Twanswation

I've never been good at learning other languages. Along with English, I speak a little Hebrew and a little Spanish. Truth be told, I tend to combine the two by creating my own language which I like to call "Spebrew." I'm really good at Spebrew....more

7 Tips To Handle Toddler Tantrums

If there ever was one thing that scared me when it comes to parenting it was definitely the tantrums. I heard so many horror stories about the “terrible twos.” Then my son turned two. Then three. And then four. And nothing happened! Not one tantrum! I didn't know whether I should be blessed or disappointed because I spent so much time anticipating it and preparing for it....more

I see your "terrible two's" and raise you THREE.

As we draw closer to Tiny Human’s fourth birthday, I feel that I am close enough to the finish line to declare,“WHAT THE MOTHER OF CRAP IS UP WITH THREE?”   Seriously. This is a TERRIBLE FREAKING AGE. I feel like I have been living in a hostage negotiation situation for the last 10 months. I’m all like, Ma’am, please put down the full cup of milk. I can see you’re upset. Let’s not do anything irrational here. And Tiny Human is all like,...more

DIY: Make Your Own Potty Prize Box

Today I wanted to share a DIY for potty training that only takes about five to ten minutes to make. I just finished making a Potty Prize Box, and I think it turned out so cute. ...more
No. Bribery did not work with Charlie.more

7 Ways Your Life Changes With a Toddler

A year ago, I wrote about how much your life changes when you have a baby. Well, now that our baby isn't so much a baby anymore, things are different. Our lives are forever changing, and here is how: 1. Having a messy house takes on a whole new meaning. And suddenly, living with a messy house is completely OK with you because cleaning is either not that important in that moment, or you are completely exhausted after running after a toddler all day. ...more
We're experiencing #4 a lot right now. My daughter is finally getting potty training! It's so ...more

30 seconds would be nice!

10 Random Things I miss about having toddler's, now that my kids are Teens

OMG, it's happening, I am starting to miss the busy days of parenting a Toddler. With my son being 14 and daughter 12, they need me less and less. Actually let me rephrase that. They need, money, a ride to their friend's house, help with homework, I have no clue how to do they way they are being taught, rides to concerts and sporting events, food, that they somehow can't seem to find in the kitchen, anywhere,  and did I mention, money?...more

When Parenting Fails Become Miraculous Moments

My husband and I are "those people" with their cell phones constantly in hand. Once I came to that realization, I tried to implement some boundaries with cell phone usage at home, especially when our little one is around - so as to avoid having regular parenting fails.No phones are allowed during meal time and bed/story time. I'm trying to scale it back even further, but I admit that it's not easy!...more

Frozen here, Frozen there, Frozen everywhere!

Hello again,   I just want to say that the Disney movie Frozen has taken over my life!  Now I know what you are thinking, it has taken over every mom's life.  Maybe, but the funniest thing happened a couple of days ago that gave me a tiny insy winsy panic attack... My sister had asked my daughter Isabella to borrow her Frozen dvd to lend out to her friend.  Of course Bella being the doll she is says, "OKAY!!!"  Slowly but surely I think of my daughters Frozen DVD locked up in a dungeon surround by marshmallow monsters....more