Reasons why a toddler is your must have pregnancy wingman

Being pregnant is a wonderful, amazing, miracle of an experience.  You get to create this life inside of you, and then feel it grow and develop.  Eventually you baby grows to become a tiny person that you will grow to love more than you ever thought was humanly possible.  Plus, there is nothing quite as wonderful as new baby snuggles.Pregnancy may be a wonderful, amazing, miracle, but it’s also the most goddamn exhausting experience of your life....more

Cooking with Cecilia {18 months}

I cannot even express to you how much I love cooking and baking with Cecilia. It's seriously one of my favorite things right now....more

The Most Powerful Union in the World - The Baby Union!

Some of the things toddlers do just don't make sense.  Unless you understand about the Baby Union.When my eighteen-month old daughter, Annelise, sees her snack coming, she lets out a protest, even though she knows she's just about to get it.  Why? Because of the Baby Union.  Sometimes she hurls her spoon on the floor while sitting in her high chair, then howls because she doesn't have it. I try to explain about the laws of gravity but she isn't listening.  Why not?The Baby Union!...more

My Mom Boner

I had a moment this weekend where I looked at my husband, smiled, and said, “Our life is kind of perfect right now.”  We were tired, sweaty, and on what was probably our third straight hour of working on the yard....more

The Stuff We Remember

Rhode Island has been a sanctuary for my family and I for as long as I can remember.The beach is literally at our finger tips anytime we want it!  Ice Cream, Bagels, Coffee.... a warm summer wind.The bonus to heading to Rhode Island is that Colin loves visiting his Grammie and PapaLou.  He'd sit next to his Papa forever, and follow him around, and tell him stories about chickens.... ...more

20 Ways The Terrible Two's Ruin Your Life

Having a 2 year old has opened my eyes to the new phase of parenting where you lose that sweet, innocent baby that can do no wrong, and are replaced with a whining, screaming, mischievous toddler. It all seems to happen over night and you wake up one day with a brand new child that you have little to no control over. You have to be 10 steps ahead of them at all times and you still lose....more

How Do I Entertain My One Year Old All Day Long? (Part 1)

In the past week two friends have asked me, "how do I keep my one year old happy and entertained all day every day at home?" If you don't speak Mom, this question can be re-worded as a simple statement: "HELP. I am simultaneously bored, lonely and overwhelmed every day."...more

Potty Training Success...Finally!

I'm finally ready to say that Wyatt is finally completely potty trained. We are officially a house free of pull-ups. Sorta....more

What Potty-Training Taught me About Myself

What potty-training taught me about myself: how and why we use our children as barometers of our successes and failures as parents...more

6 Ways Spring Breakers Are Like Toddlers

When I was in college I never went anywhere for Spring Break. I went to school in St Louis, Missouri, which meant I was at least an expensive plane ticket way from anywhere warm. Getting drunk and naked in Chicago in March, just didn’t have the same appeal. So I stayed home, watched TV, and secretly judged everyone else who escaped to Mexico, California, or Florida. It was wonderful practice for motherhood, when I would sit at home, watch TV after the kids went to bed, and secretly judge everyone who got a babysitter. Insert Elton John singing "The Circle of Life" here. ...more