I didn't quit my mom job.

Please, if you’re just visiting this blog, or you’re just a super judgmental, critical person and think I’m complaining about my kids, get a grip. It’s been a long day. And I’m at my limit. This is my rather weak and new attempt at finding humor in the tough stuff. And I’m trying to find the funny in moments that I know don’t last forever. I’m not superstitious, but… after the day I had… I’m beginning to wonder if there’s merit to the whole Friday the 13th bugaboo.It started divine enough....more
I'm new to being a stay at home mom and totally identify! Thanks for sharing. And here's to a ...more

Kids Are Jerks

Kids Are JerksI was in Target the other day on a quick run to get soda and juice. Now, we all know there is no such thing as a "quick run" into Target for obvious reasons that include Target is frickin' awesome. But, in my defense, Target stores are the size of football fields. So, literally, there is no "quick run" into Target....more

The T-Shirt

While on vacation at a gorgeous beach get away, our little family wound through the streets looking for a place to eat.  Son #1 trotted ahead with his dad while Son #2 toddled beside me holding onto my finger.  We stopped to look in windows and ponder our options.  Were we hungry for Mexican food?  No.  Not this time.  Did we want to eat Chinese food?  Maybe the adults would like it but the kids would fuss.  What about pizza?  Hmm.  Now that sounds delicious to everybody in the group. ...more

52 Weeks of Blogging with a Purpose::If I Could be Anything - See more at: http://www.glorionline.com/#sthash.PwNRCeSx.dpuf

This seems like it would be an easy topic, but it is very difficult for me. The first thing that ran through my head was career- what career would I pick if I could pick anything? Yikes, I don't know. Do I think I would have picked what I am doing? No, probably not, although it is a great job I am sure I can come up with something a little more fun then crunching numbers....more

She Said to Me, "Be a Better Mommy Tomorrow"

I kiss each girl’s head and make the same vow each night. “I promise to be a better mommy tomorrow than I was today.” I’ve been saying this for so long now that I almost forgot to keep true to my word -- that is, until my 2-year old reminded me....more
aww how precious :)more

I Think My Baby Might Hate Me

Yeah, so, the Spawn hates me. OK, maybe “hate” is too strong a word. Let’s just say I’m not his favorite. Mighty, mighty good man David is his favorite. I’ve written before about how he is a daddy’s boy. But he’s taking his indifference to me to a whole new level. ...more

How I Fight Infant & Toddler Eczema {& Cradle Cap}

My eczema dream team Oh eczema...how I loathe thee. ...more

5 Reasons Why I Chose Extended Breastfeeding

 I've started a little mini-series where I'm going to post 5 reasons why I've chosen something uncommon from the mainstream regarding birthing and mothering....more
Breastfeeding is important for building the immune system of the infant during the first six ...more

A Baby's Prayer

Son #2 is learning to pray before he goes to bed.  Last night, we read from a devotional book as the boys ate berry cobbler at the kitchen table.  After worship, my husband prayed.  Then, he asked Son #2 if he wanted to say his prayer.  Son #2 babbled and smiled. Our boys closed their eyes and folded their hands as I began.  "Dear..." Son #2 repeated.  "Dearw..." "Jesus"  I continued. "Ee...u"  Son #2 said. "Thank you..."  I stated. "Ta...tu"  Son #2 chirped. ...more

Toddlers Are the Devil's Spawn (So What Does That Make Me?)

This is the title that was orbiting my brain all day yesterday. Needless to say, it was a bad day.But today is a great day! Mainly because my two-year-old is on her way to becoming potty-trained and (knock on wood) it's been pretty painless so far!...more