The 8 Stages of Toddler Naps (As Experienced By New Parents)

A normal day is 24 hours long. A day with a toddler is around 48. So, naptime is essential for all parties involved. When your baby can't fight it anymore and the magic moment happens, the feelings you feel are so real. As a new parent, here are seven stages of emotion you will move through when your toddler finally goes down for a nap. ...more
GoFashionDeals I'm so glad you liked it!! I'm still learning how to handle nap-times, even ...more

She's Not an Asshole, She's a Toddler

I got a sippy cup thrown in my face because the water I put in it was too "old" for my two-year-old daughter. She insisted that she needed "new water." Not being sure where I could find water newer than the stuff from the tap, I told her that she was wrong and that what I was offering was in fact "new." For the next 30 minutes, she threw herself around while I stood there baffled and losing my patience. ...more
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'Come On, Guys': The Ten Funniest Things The Toddler Said Last Week

In what may become a new feature (if The Toddler continues to be funny this week), Silly Mummy presents ten of the funniest things The Toddler said last week (and a word from The Baby).So, without further ado, Silly Mummy gives you The Toddler:1. On The Baby, plans ofThe Toddler is watching The Baby crawl out of the room: 'The Baby busy. The Baby go shops.' (Oh good: we need milk.) The Baby returns to the room seconds later. The Toddler announces: 'The Baby not go shops. Baby want tea cup.' (No milk, then. Good luck with that tea, The Baby.)...more

Child Routine Charts Printables

My oldest son is turning 3 in a couple of months. We’ve been working on keeping him with his morning, night, and potty routines. Sometimes we do get off track when we’re traveling or have family visiting because we’re away from the house more showing everybody around....more

How to Handle Tantrums LIKE A BOSS!

Tantrums got you down?Whether it's in the privacy of your own home or in the middle of a restaurant, dealing with tantrums can be daaaang tricky.You know the feeling - you sense it coming on, your blood pressure starts creeping up, and before you know it you've got a screaming, flailing toddler on your hands...Yeah.  Super fun.But there is an easier way!...more

10 Tips For Dining Out With Kids

So, you've got a super special meal coming up, but you're DREADING taking the kids?  Or maybe you're dying to go on vacation but can't fathom the thought of your kids sitting through that many restaurant meals?Yeah.I've totally been there too.But never fear, moms and dads!  After implementing a few easy changes, now we actually ENJOY eating out with our kids.For real.Don't be held hostage in your kitchen for a moment longer!...more

Sometimes Quitting IS the Answer

Sometimes Quitting IS the AnswerBy Julia Arnold/ Frantic Mama I'm not a quitter. At least, I don't want to be a quitter. Who does? I try to stick with pursuits even when they are tough. Though, if I'm honest, when looking back on my earlier years, there were fixations/interests/hobbies I thought I would passionately stick with forever but that eventually waned-- sewing, cross country, baking, tennis. ...more

12 Tips For Surviving the Airport With Small Kids

Here’s the first video in my series on traveling with small kids! (Can't watch right now? No problem! Scroll down and you'll find a little rundown of what's on the video) ...more
Thanks so much mymommyflies!  It took us a while to learn the ins and outs of travelling with ...more

This Dance Called Parenting

We got there. We finally got to the point where we know the steps to this dance....more