Grocery Game Plan

Grocery shopping is always a crapshoot over here. The babies know they have me captive because when we go to the grocery store, we have things we need to get before we leave. They know I won't leave until I go through the checkout. They have me at their disposal as we walk through aisles and aisles of fun and yummy things that they can't open or play with. It could easily become a nightmare, and it has been pretty ugly in there at times, but usually, we pull it off flawlessly, thanks to having a game plan in place before we even leave the house. ...more
I never had problems either. When my daughter got to the stage of dropping my keys out of the ...more

The Great Debate: Toddler Tube Time

Now that my son has reached toddlerhood the time has come for me to experience first-hand what I've heard other parents discussing (or more like arguing over) for years...the never-ever ending debate: How much TV time is too much?Here is the guilty party in question:(Looks pretty innocent to me!)...more

Cuppow Giveaway! (No, that's not a superhero punch!)

Have you ever stumbled across an invention that is so simple, so perfect, and so useful, that you stood there wondering why it took so many years for someone to think of it?...more

That Time We All Had The Plague

On the days when I think that God might exist, I’m convinced that if he is out there, somewhere, he is some kind of divine troll who thinks that everything is an elaborate joke.How else do you explain the fact that, five minutes after posting my last entry, Theo started throwing up all over my bedroom floor.It’s like God reads my blog and he was like, “Girl, you think you are in crisis? Let me show you crisis.”...more

Things You Should NEVER Say to the Parent of a Toddler

Since becoming a mother, I have been bombarded with unwanted, useless advice and seriously unwarranted comments about my parenting choices. When Piggle hit toddlerhood, the unsolicited advice-giving seemed to triple. While I realize that many of these people are genuinely trying to help or, at the very least, make me feel better, the very last thing I need when I’m eyeballs deep in tantrums is some busybody poking their nose into my business.Here are the top ten things people have said to me that truly warrant a kick to their genitalia: ...more

Taking Time Out For Fun: Remembering Why I'm A Nanny

In this time of dark and light, I spend a lot of time weighing the pros and cons of my life. And now that I’m free to do all sorts of different work, a good friend of mine asked me to help transition her daughter, 2-year-old Kutti (which means Little One, and is a nickname, as are all the names I use for children in my care on this blog to protect their privacy), to being looked after by people other than her family. Kutti is very reserved at first and originally was very shy around me. When a child has been only used to one or two caregivers, it can be very hard to find common ground....more

Tales of the Runaway Toddler, Grumpy Old Man Edition

The other day, I bravely took all three kids to Barnes & Noble by myself. I say bravely because the 15-month-old is in a running-away stage. I can't just carry him - he's 25 pounds - and he's not content to be carried or sit in a stroller all the time anymore. He struggles and screams and wants to run around. So I let him. Which means I have to chase him. Which means leaving the other two to their own devices for a moment or forcing them to chase the baby around with me....more

Waving at Trees

Lisa Nolan ...more

Crazy Train

This post goes out to all you parents out there with a special little girl (or boy) in your life, a precious treasure who possesses that magical ability to keep you on the edge of your seat…I’ve talked about Maggie a lot since she was born, and, to be honest, I’d devote a weekly feature to her if not for my husband’s protests. He’s not home right now....more