I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My three-year-old just suddenly started the very gross habit of sucking on his shirt. Like all the time. He has never had sensory issues or anything like that. Should I worry? Or is it just a phase? Signed, Worried MotherSucker...more
Cute! Both my boys do it. But my girl didn't. Unfortunately, the older one still does sometimes. ...more

Why this Spring Might Just be the Best...in For-Frozen-Ever

It's been a long winter, friends.  A looooong, frozen winter.  One for the record books.  And, as if by the unfolding of some divine comedy, this extreme polar-vortex-in-the-Midwest winter has lined up perfectly with my time as a stay-at-home mom.  With three-year-olds.Two of them....more

Ten Books Every Toddler Should Have

Yesterday was a clean house day. Ostensibly it was so we can find Rebecca's glasses that Margo squirreled away somewhere. At this point I assume they will turn up when we pony up the money to buy a replacement pair.The bright side to all this is the kids' rooms got a good cleaning.Isaac cleared his booshelves of books he decided he was too old for. Now that he is reading on his own, apparently picture books are for babies. Margo excitedly welcomed the new library in her room, but that meant we had to get rid of her board books....more

My Toddler, the Artist

Y’know, I think I have fairly decent taste when it comes to home decor....more

Holding Hands: My Son Ran Away from Me in a Parking Lot.

My children and I are members at out local community centre. We are there a lot. The kids take swimming lessons as well as a variety of pre-school programs there and I use the on site child care centre to use the gym a few times a week. ...more

Proof That the Universe Does Indeed Look Out For Moms

Cee loves her pacifiers.Loves them....more

6 ways to parent a toddler

As Jason is more mobile and entering into walking, I need to step up my game. Like every baby his age, he wants to and should explore the world. However, the world isn't the safest place all of the time.  ...more

Parents, why Discipline is so Important .. and why you should be the Fun Parent

Check out my most recent appearance on Global TV News.  We're discussing how to mix discipline with fun.http://youtu.be/CLBsbS1g7MELisa Bunnage, Parenting Coach ...more