In response to Dr. Sears, Mommy Burnout and the fight I had with my husband this morning

I am so terrifically mad at my husband right now that I want to spit. I shouldn't even be writing about this here. It's not a place to give people the wrong impression that I live with a terrible person or something. That's not the case, so please take it as only a moment in time, a moment in my mind that I absolutely must purge before it throws me down under where I can't think of anything else, where I breathe anger, eat anger and cry anger. And please be kind enough to deal with the run-on sentences, as that is how my mind thinks at a time like this ...more

Garden-Fairy Houses |

Spring is here, and so are the the garden fairies. Garden fairies come out at night when everyone is asleep and help your flowers grow. If you make them a beautiful home and put it in the garden your flowers will flourish and your veggies will plump. And when it rains, the fairies will have somewhere dry to hide. ...more

Swine Flu: Identifying the Symptoms Video

The swine flu epidemic is spreading as more international travelers come home. Unlike many previous flu outbreaks this flu epidemic is infecting a larger number proportionally of otherwise healthy children and young adults. As a parent it can be confusing to figure out what symptoms to watch for. ...more

A Parent's Worst Nightmare

The follwoing is our interview with Brian Hom. You can read the story of Brian and his son BJ here: ...more

Swine Flu Prevention: Kid-Friendly Tips

Swine flu prevention begins with easy steps even small children can do. According to theCDC there are everyday actions people can take to stay healthy: ...more

Beat the (swine) flu: 9 ways to get your kids to wash their hands

In light of the news about swine flu, Julie over at MomsToWork wrote a terrific idea filled post on 9 ways to get your kids to wash their hands. As a Mom of twin boys, she's been there and done that.    ...more

Pacis and Sippy Cups: Champagne Going In, Sewage Coming Out

When people asked me if I was going to let my infant daughter use pacifiers, I was all "Y-E-S to the YES."  I gave her a paci when she was three days old and didn't take it away again until she was eighteen months old. She promptly replaced it with a Nuby cup and went along, sucking her way to sleep each night. Why? Because taking them away was SO PAINFUL. ...more

I feel your pain. Getting my first to give up the paci was a horror stricken, sleep ...more

Petition to Pee in Peace. Please.

Category: Human Rights Target: All those who won't let us pee in peace. Background: Four years. I have forgotten how it felt to pee without any interruptions. Four years. That is how old my daughter is. ...more

Screening for Perinatal Mood Disorders

Universal Screening for PPMDs: why it is CRUCIAL! ...more