One of my favorite things to do on a breezy 60 degree day is take a nap. And the ability to do so in the middle of the day makes up for most of the things that suck about being a SAHM. ...more

i would like some help finding really good dinners but not breaking the bank account.

i am trying my best to lose the weight i gained while i was pregnant. my baby is now over a year old and i still have a lot of the weight from her. i am having a hard time sticking to a diet due to not finding the right recipes that are good and everyone likes in the family. if you have any good and healthy recipes that you and your family have tried could you please pass them my way so i can start feeding me and my family healthier. Thank you so much. ...more

Hey.. from my experience, the best way to lose unwanted weight is to dine at home atleast 4 ...more

Freshman 40

Well, everyone has heard of the Freshman 15, the weight you gain your first year of college. For me it was closer to 40 pounds and I have been trying to take it off for the past 15 years!! At one point, with the help of weekly Weight Watchers meetings and kickboxing, I was able to maintain a 30 pound loss for two years. I felt great! So much ...more

Our anger: a healthy dose

It is no surpr ...more


I don’t have any, so I’ve always been curious about how they work. How they get so close. Why they get so angry. And because I have no experience in this area, when I found out I was having a second daughter I freaked out. I became so afraid that I’d have two girls who hated each other that I obsessed over how to make sure that didn’t happen. And then I feared that would make everything worse. So my husband and I decided to pick one thing that we’d foster for them. One thing we’d build and make a stink out of. Bedtime. ...more

dear sir on the slide

Dear Sir on the Slide: I think it’s wonderful that you and your son are so obviously close. It was fun to listen to his shrieks of delight as you chased him around the playground, pretending that you couldn’t catch him. And kudos for the way you coaxed him up the stair ramp to the big tunnel slides when he got scared and stopped. I’m sure his mommy will be as proud of him as you promised she would. However ...more

Just Blankets

As It Turns Out, the pigs didn't need their blankets today. Knowing that in advance could have saved some time.       ...more

Friday Rambling's

This weekend is the Charleston Food and Wine festival in downtown Charleston. Denise has to work, but I hope to catch the evening program and food, food,Food. Since we will have Tasha we will skip the Wine, though THAT I  would love to attend. ...more

Day 1 - 3/2/09

3/2/09 Today is the day I start this thing... ...more

Can't we all just get along?

Hello, So this is my first blog and I really hope I don't ramble on and bore anyone :D. I am known to do just that.. ramble on. It's a habbit my family chuckles about, my oldest rolls her eyes at, strangers find cute, and I don't seem to recognize. :D ...more

Thanks for your comment and I love the expression *golden moment*. I think I had the golden ...more