Pacis and Sippy Cups: Champagne Going In, Sewage Coming Out

When people asked me if I was going to let my infant daughter use pacifiers, I was all "Y-E-S to the YES."  I gave her a paci when she was three days old and didn't take it away again until she was eighteen months old. She promptly replaced it with a Nuby cup and went along, sucking her way to sleep each night. Why? Because taking them away was SO PAINFUL. ...more

I feel your pain. Getting my first to give up the paci was a horror stricken, sleep ...more

Petition to Pee in Peace. Please.

Category: Human Rights Target: All those who won't let us pee in peace. Background: Four years. I have forgotten how it felt to pee without any interruptions. Four years. That is how old my daughter is. ...more

Screening for Perinatal Mood Disorders

Universal Screening for PPMDs: why it is CRUCIAL! ...more

This Mom Loves Pacifiers (and Evidently, the Squirrels Do Too!)

This week Parenting Magazine offered up these photos of a "paci tree" in Copenhagen, Denmark.  Fifteen years ago, in my pre-baby days, I probably would've scoffed at those pictures--"Look at those overly indulgent and sentimental parents," Pre-Baby Me would've said.  It's amazing how much I knew about parenting before I had children. ...more

And now pediatricians are recommending them because a recent study showed fewer cases of SIDS in ...more

"It's time to clean up."

I don't believe in cleaning up after my children in any way that they are capable of handling themselves. Sometimes I do it because it may be faster, or they may be feeling unwell or leaving to go out with their father, but other than those rare circumstances, it's their job. It has been since each of them were old enough to handle it. That doesn't mean that it's not a struggle sometimes. My daughters are a lot like me, namely, stubborn and spoiled. They have way too much stuff, which they love until it's time to wade through all of it and place it back where it belongs. So much of it that when it comes time to clean, I get whines of "I have to do everything!" and "there is just too much to pick up!" and I'm forced to remind them of all the laundry, dishes, bed making, floor sweeping and bathroom scrubbing that I must do because they are such dirty little things in order to get silence. ...more

I have a big bag called the Hungry Bag that I get out whenever my kids are dawdling or ...more

Toddlers Rewrite Everything.

While I drive, the little girl in my life sings me some songs.  In the middle of lyrics about, say, the wheels on the bus going round and round, she tosses in a line or two from adult songs she’s heard.  Songs about heartache or other grown-up feelings.  It’s always a surprise to hear which phrases resonate with her.  A typical re-write goes like this: “The wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round. And my heart misses you forever and I want you to come back right now.” ...more

Video tape this child, how adorable.

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To put it succinctly, I am a digital mom. I am plugged in to the world around me via my computer screen more often that not. I write a blog, use facebook, twitter, and belong to numerous social networking communities(no less than ten ning groups among others). I own a desktop and a netbook as well as an iPhone and I am never further than two feet away from one of these devices. I telecommute for a National non-profit organization from the comfort of my home and in addition to writing for BlogHer, I author my own blog and frequently write guest posts for other sites. ...more

I agree. Especially because it will be a positive, loving exposure, and not a replacement for ...more

It was a fun day

It was a great day. Took the training wheels off of a certain princess's bike.. and proceeded to run up and down the street helping her balance with a baby strapped to my back...then with a certain Stinky following behind on his 'yeago' bike. which he does not pedal....just scoots on his feet. In addition to that I helped the Stinky one to pedal his big boy bike and pushed Peas around on her ride on toy. ...more