"Food, love, career, and mothers, the four major guilt groups". - Cathy Guisewite

So this weekend I realize that I can’t always be there for the Caveman and Alien’s first moments. ...more

I think we're "there"

I think we're "there" ...more


Welcome to my first ever blog!  My name is Jennifer, and I am a stay at home mom to a almost 12 month old little boy named Collin!   People always say that kids grow up fast, but I never imagined it would go this fast.  Honestly, I have been a mom for a year?  Really?  It seems like yesterday I was changing a little tiny diaper and now I can barely hold him down to change his gigantic number five diapers! ...more

Orgo A Go Go?: Buying Organic for Kids?

Organic grapes, yes.  Organic pasta, no.  Organic bananas.  Maybe?  Should you bother buying organic food for your child?  Do we have evidence kids who eat organic have less pesky chemicals in their little bodies? Yes.  Do we know if these substances will prove dangerous to them?  No, not yet.  What do we know about eating organic?  ...more

Not me Monday

My First "Not Me Monday" < ...more

Atheist Parenting: Raising Children Without Deities

I've been an Atheist claiming Agnosticism since I was 9 years old. I stopped believing the day before I was baptized into the church. The pastor sat me down to ensure I realized the seriousness of what I was doing and invited my questions. He couldn't give me any answers that didn't center around blind faith and I needed more than that, even as a child, before I could agree to devote my life to an unseen being. I still was baptized out of respect for my grandparents, and 'faked it' until I was 12, when I finally told them that I didn't believe in their God and broke their hearts. Raising my daughters as a skeptic that still has respect for what others believe is difficult for me. Atheists are viewed as people with no moral barometer, unholy and all that's wrong with the world in this Christian dominated nation. I see it all too often here in The South, with countless old ladies blessing my children for being adorable or asking what church we go to. I find myself hesitant to tell anyone that brings up religion with me that I'm an Atheist. I've had enough of the horrified looks to last me a lifetime, so I normally just nod and smile. ...more
 @LisaBrandos If you dropped all the materials to build a house from a helicopter enough times ...more

Through Endangered Eyes: A Poetic Journey Into the Wild Book Review and Giveaway

I recently had the pleasure of reading Rachel Dillon's new book, Through Endangered Eyes: A Poetic Journey Into the Wild. It is extraordinary and so unlike any book I have ever read. Rachel is the illustrator and author of this beautiful book that displays paintings of animals and poems that accompany the images. Children of all ages will enjoy and benefit from this book, because of the artwork, poems, and the additional educational information at the back of the book (descriptions of each animal, a parent's section, and an educator's section). ...more

My Son is Almost Two and Speaks Three Languages!

My son Mekhi surprised me when at 12 months old he pointed to the window and said “outside“. I was even more astounded when he’d ask “Who’s that?” whenever someone new entered a room. I suppose I can attribute his proclivity for language to reading with him on a daily basis. We have also refrained from ever speaking to him in “baby talk”. Although I know these things contribute to his language development, I remain impressed by his ability to understand and articulate the English language at such an early age. ...more

You and I are in the same age group and while education was important we were not pushed the way ...more

No no no... Please NO!

We all want adorable little bouncy babies with bright eyes and squishy skin. I know it's taboo to say some kids are ugly, but come on.. You've just gotta admit that some kids just aren't as cute as others. According to this baby face generator my kid will look white, blond and lop-sided-cheeked. ...more

Random Friday

I stole this idea from a friend and fellow blogger. At first I just stole the idea, well borrowed sounds better and I kept using random titles that didn't sound so  good. ...more