Time for "the talk"

Like many parents, I was disturbed this week when word broke that a 13-year-old boy in Britain had fathered a baby with his 15-year-old girlfriend. It was reported in stories in newspapers all over the world how the boy frequently stayed over at the girl's house and the two slept in the same bed, and the boy's father told reporters that he hadn't gotten around to explaining to his son where babies come from. Politicians in the country -- which has the highest teen pregnancy rate in Western Europe -- are now rethinking their attitudes toward sex education. ...more


Is it mid-february already? This year is off to a quick start! Where has the time gone? ...more

Aww... His First Grounding!

I grounded Wyatt this afternoon. It had to be done so that I wouldn't beat him down. It was only a 20 minute grounding but I banned that kid to his crib! ...more

Healthy Ski Snacks for the Family

You have spent a long day on the slopes and have worked up an appetite.   Stumbling into the lodge, you find it hard to resist the scent of french fries and hot cocoa.  After all, what could be better than a warm high-energy snack after a day of strenuous exercise? ...more

"Will that make you happy mommy?"

"I just want to be happy." That's what I told my daughter. I was trying, again, to explain to her why her father and I were getting a divorce. She wanted to know why he had moved away and got a new job and a new home and a new puppy, and didn't invite us. I told her that it was just me that wasn't invited, that she and her sister were always welcome. She wanted to know why I wanted a divorce and I told her that I wasn't happy, and neither was he - that we hadn't been happy together in a very long time, and back when we were, it was sporadic. ...more

My son asks now why we don't live together, even though he loves his StepDaddy, and we've ...more

Wanted Dead or Alive

                       MY FREE TIME Aliases: Me time, leisure time, naptime, shower time, curled-up-with-a-book-time, down time, shopping time, occasional -spa-time, wasting time, killing time, vegging time ...more

NEW STUDY: Major Benefit for Breastfeeding Longer

Here's another great study just published on ORGYN.com about the benefits of breastfeeding for 2 years.  Apparently it decreases your risk of coronary heart disease by leaps and bounds. ...more

What (I Hope) I'm Teaching My Kids About Love

Often our extended family will vacation together: my own husband and kids, plus my parents, and sometimes my brother and his family.  But this summer, my parents went somewhere just the two of them. While they were gone, my brother and I worried about them.  What will they do?  Won't they get bored without their noisy brood of grandchildren to keep things interesting?  I felt so sorry for them.  ...more

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Valentine's Day: Getting Creative With the Kids

I'd say it's a good time to be a kid.  There seem to be endless clever and creative ideas available to parents for celebrating Valentine's Day.  I remember using store-bought Scooby Doo cards with my friends (because nothing breeds third-grade romance like a picture of Shaggy).  These days, however, the bar has been raised.  Here's a round-up of creative ideas for making this holiday special for your kids: ...more

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Every Working Mom's Wish

When you get the call that your baby girl has plunged down an entire flight of stairs, you are not in your office just around the corner, 100 steps from home, where you have strategically arranged to be on most working days.  You are inevitably working across town or even across the country, and undoubtedly meeting with a new client. You may not recognize the distraught voice on the other end of the phone, but it is your husband or babysitter, still trembling from witnessing the fall in slow motion.  You quickly assess the situation ...more