she is still putting everything in her mouth

My aughter is 1 year 3 months and she is still putting things in her mouth. It will be the hardest time this summer with her eating garbage. My little one walks around the yard and picks up everything and either gives it to me or tries to eat it. I get so grossed out, i hate the germs thing. The child eats full meals and then when i get her out of her chair she wants to pick up the food that fell and taste that. ...more

My Mom Body...

I just read that the next Back Talk topic is going to be the Mom Body. As a woman who has just given birth to my last child a little more than 3 weeks ago, this is something that I am currently dealing with on more of a full scale basis than I normally would. Growing up, I was the tall, skinny girl. People called me Daddy Long Legs... In 6th grade, my nickname was "High Water" because I couldn't find any pants with long enough legs. I heard all the horrible names - Bean Pole I think was the one I heard the most of them all.  ...more

Wow....our stories sound sooooo similar!  I got the whole 'beanpole' nickname too!  I'm like ...more

Green Toy Review

We just moved into a new brownstone and the girls couldn't be happier. Nope this wasn't a million dollar real estate transaction. It's from Our Children's Gorilla. Our Children's Gorilla dreamed up this green version of a dollhouse made of flat packed, recyclable cardboard. The authentic brownstone has a store on the first floor and then pop-out windows above the shop. We come up with all sorts of creative scenarios for our house. We added ...more

Smack Down: Dear Edwina vs. Dora Live!

Two show in six days. Both target girls. Both in NYC. No contest really. Even with all the glamor of a Radio City performance Dora Live! was limp and lifeless. Not to be cruel, but the Dora on stage has packed on the pounds and looked more like a Kansas City housewife than a global explorer. The plot was lame and the Diego couldn't hold a note to save his life. For this I paid $90 a ticket! Ugh. On the upside my ...more

First Blogher post....

I surely have some of the cutest kids of all! Okay, so maybe the mirrors in my house are a little biased but it seems like Carter and Lauralai grow more adorable by the day! We hope everyone had a happy and blessed Easter holiday. We had a pretty low key weekend aside from the usual order of painting, unpacking, and organizing that seems to have become the norm around here. It's slowly coming together but there are definitely moments that it seems like we'll never actually be "finished" with everything around here! ...more

Open Letter to Hanna Rosin

Dear Ms. Rosin, Part of my professional training program is weekly group supervision with a psychoanalyst.  He stocks his waiting room with a variety of different kinds of magazines, one of them being The Atlantic.  Recently, they published an article you wrote, The Case Against Breastfeeding.   ...more

Uncool Hands

I went naked over 10 years ago.  Naked hands, that is.  No more soaking in pink solution and breathing in air that comes with a warning label.  No more long, polished fingernails in colors like Chick Flick Cherry or Blushingham Palace.  Ever since, it's just been clip, file, and (sometimes) buff.  And done by myself, I might add. ...more

Being a Mother AND Being You.

I certainly didn't stop being me the day I became a mother, though I did lose myself for a little while ... now you have to work out how be a mother and be you.' - Francesca Newby ...more


You know what? I am going to school full-time. I have 3 children aged 5 and under. I am doing the work of a full-time job as I student teach. I am also a pastor's wife which is a part-time job all on its own. Therefore, I am not going to worry about my messy house. I have decided to not care. ...more