Random Friday

I stole this idea from a friend and fellow blogger. At first I just stole the idea, well borrowed sounds better and I kept using random titles that didn't sound so  good. ...more

The New

One of the most difficult challenges I've faced as a new mom has been the radical shift in the amount of contact I've had with adults. I know that is nothing new for most moms these days, especially those of us who've had a career or a profession that we were "married to" before DB came along.  Knowing I'm not alone in this has helped. Some. ...more

Why did you do that?! why??

I just don’t get it.  Really.  Why bite?  That is the newest with my 5 year old. Nathan used to bite, when he was two.  It was very frustrating, and embarrassing.  When ever we were out around other child, I felt like I was attending an “AA” meeting. “Hi, my name is Melissa, and I have a biter”. ...more

iPhone App Helps You Find Clean Public Bathrooms

Now here's an iPhone app moms will love. You might not like the name, but you'll love how SitOrSquat.com will help you find the cleanest public bathroom anywhere in the world. This free mobile app for iPhones and BlackBerry's is courtesy of Charmin. ...more

Are you there God? It's me Kelly.

"I'd like to talk to Graham about God and Heaven," Graham's babysitter said last week. She is a dear family friend and was my late mother-in-law's best friend. "That is, if you don't mind." And I don't mind, exactly. But neither did I know exactly how to respond. ...more

Easter Egg-Decorating Kits

My kids love to decorate eggs and our success depends on the quality of the decorating kit we buy. That's why I was so glad when I found a great article by Beth DiCarbo in WSJ.com. She tested four egg-decorating kits including ...more

Enter To Win A Melissa & Doug 25 Piece Deluxe Stamp Kit

Enter to win a NIP Melissa & Doug 25 piece deluxe stamp set that will give hours of fun over and over again. There is a 2 colored washable ink pad, 16 stamps, 7 colored pencils and comes in its own wooden case. ...more

Random Sundom

It's Sunday Morning in Charleston, The sun is as confused as I am some days. It can't decided if it is coming out or staying in. Everytime I think it has made up it's mind it goes behind a cloud and peeks out at me, laughing.  I need it to come out, I am short on the vitamin C and at one point I heard that the sun's rays cheer you up. ...more

Big Brother, Little Sister

Me: Josh, can you please keep an eye on Zoë while I go to the washroom?Josh: Sure, Mom. (He has taken to calling me "Mom" instead of Mommy of late.) ...more

Saturday Musing

Tasha climbed in my lap this afternoon and said quite petulantly, "Nanny, you are always on the com-puter, just always!" So put into my place by a three year old, I climbed off  theputer for a moment only to find out the reason she wanted me off was so she could get on, and watch Dora. "Please Nanny, Nick Jr? ...more