Work/Life Balance? Time to Lighten the Caregiving Load

This post was written for the Fem2.0 blog carnival on women and caregiving. ...more

Your 30's are cool, but I can't wait for 40!

  Me and my bro, Ed, on his wedding day - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ED! ...more

Taking the plunge

First a few things about me: I'm overweight to the point of being obese. I've ridden the diet rollercoaster and I hate it. I have medical problems that truly mean that if I don't do something about my weight, I'm going to die before my time. I'm ready to make a change NOW With all that said, I think I'm ready to go back to an old friend:  Vegetarianism.  I feel good when I don't eat meat, but it's hard living with two Y chromosomes who won't eat vegetables.  But you know, I think I'm ready to face this challenge head on. ...more


This is my first blog entry here at BlogHer, and I am so excited!  It's probably best to introduce myself and explain what I do.   I am Sandi - a.k.a. the HomeBadger.  My company is HomeBadger Creations, Inc (  I have a home-based business in South Jersey and I sell handmade apparel wraps, shawls, scarves and yoga blankets for people of all ages, from almost any fabric requested.  ...more

Social Media Boot Camp NYC- Free for BlogHers

First post here, and it's a gift. Our group, the TwitterQueens, is having a Social Media Boot Camp and networking event on June 27. You can read more about the group here at our site included on there are a list of members and nearly 75 posts dealing mostly with social media information, by such authors as Mike Mueller, Lesley Lambert and Cheryl Waller, among many more. ...more

I've Been Afraid Almost All My Life

"Years go by, will I still be waiting, for somebody else to understand?/Years go by, if I'm stripped of my beauty, and the orange clouds raining in my head/Years go by, will I choke on my tears till finally there is nothing left?/One more casualty, you know we're too easy, easy, easy"~Tori Amos ...more

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Working mother's guilt: How my kids and I spend our summer vacations

Working mom’s guilt has always had a tremendous hold over me and never more so than during the summer. If you work full-time outside the home, I know you know what I mean. ...more


With the explosion in popularity of microblogging tools like Twitter, presenters are now faced with the possibility, or even likelihood, that some members of their audience will be tweeting (posting on Twitter) during the presentation. Initially, that idea is off-putting to many presenters. ...more

The Change of Life

Flashes. No, not hot flashes, though I mean those, too. Flashes. All sorts. Sleeplessness. Leaving space not only for fatigue but for increased liminal space, the space in which ideas blossom and messages slide right in like a lover surprising you by sliding into the airplane seat next to you at the last minute. Moods. ...more

Your Body Tells You When It Is Time To Slow Down - My Mac Does Too!

Work hard, play hard. That has always been my motto. Somewhere in that equation I need to figure out how to rest hard too. As my husband likes to point out, I tend to wear myself out so that I get so sick every 4-6 months to the point that I cannot get out of bed. Only a couple of weeks ago this happened. A normal person would realize that a little less work, a little more R&R, and some more sleep after being sick would help me to stay healthy. Not me. Even in my early 40’s I still think I’m invincible. ...more