The Compass Rose Part II: There's No Place Like Home

by Ainslie Jones Uhl (continuing a meditation on the nature of home begun in The Compass Rose: View from The South Wall, also on WVFC) ...more

F**ked Off Thursday!

Yesterday was wordless Wednesday well today is F***ked off Thursday!!! I knew today wasn't going to be fun as BG was having her 3rd set of jabs, she's always grumpy after them so I was prepared, what I wasn't prepared for was my meeting at work! ...more

editing, word count, Writing Tips, editing tips, cutting words, strengthening your writing, how to cut words, how to shorten a m

I tend to be a fairly verbose writer. My husband actually calls me “The Queen of Verbosity.” Yes, I can write a lot in a short amount of time. I admit it. ...more

Jenna Jameson...The nanny debate...and childhood bullies

I was reading the TMZ comment section under photos of Jenna Jameson and her babies. People were posting such horrible comments about Jenna AND her babies. WTF? Most of the comments had to do with Jenna's kids being teased when they get older. How about THIS... how about we teach children that teasing and making fun of others is WRONG?!?! How about parents do their job and teach their children the way to treat others? ...more

99 Problems

We've got a household full of problems. Nick, especially, has problems. His main problem is that his fist is larger than his mouth and is just so god damned tasty and why why why can't he shove the entire thing in all at once sob sob why sob why Sad Face why. He contents himself, sometimes, with simply <i>licking</i> his hand. Yes, licking. Like it was the best popsicle in the entire world. This kid. I don't know. ...more

My Rage Against the Machine

Hi Daycare, ...more

Why two little letters—N-O—are so hard to say

In striving to be SuperMom, we often forget how and when to say no. Setting limits is often difficult. By nature, women are nurturers—the ones always helping others—and while it’s admirable, it can often turn our lives into chaos. At that point, being overcommitted with no time for ourselves, we’re left feeling frazzled, burnt-out, despondent and not much good to anyone. ...more

Sometimes a small rebellion is enough.

You know that feeling you get when someone cancels a plan and all of a sudden you have this unexpected clump of free time?  It’s exciting.  It’s a gift.  You were looking forward to the thing, but once it’s cancelled through no fault of yours,  you’re now looking forward  to not going. It’s  a slippery slope from there to canceling something you planned for no reason except you don’t feel like it anymore.  At first it felt like a not-nice thing to do, but I have my rules:   1) I consider whether anyone else be hurt by my actions. ...more

Pieces Of Me

Just a girl from New York City who loves to laugh loud, love hard, and talk fast. I give my two cents on tv, music, movies, life, post photos of everything I see, and eat. :) I share recipes and stories about experiences. I talk about my relationships and travels and my experience with being laid off and searching for a job in NYC. I talk about fitness and losing weight and life for a woman in her 30's ...more

It sounds like we have lots in common. I also blog about whatever random thing is going on in my ...more