What Is It About The Word "Homemaker" That Sets My Teeth On Edge?

Last month, I served four days of jury duty, and one of the first things we had to do was check in and receive our day's payment. On the first day, the clerk verified my name and address, then asked about my occupation. "Are you at home?" he asked. ...more

Upcoming teleclinic on creating marketing strategies that integrate social media

Deb Murphy of Masterful Marketing has been enormously helpful to me in learning how to use social networking media to market my business.  She is leading a teleclinic, sponsored by NAWBO (Nat'l Assoc of Women Biz Owners) that teaches business folks how to integrate social networks into their marketing strategy.  Click to read more about this teleclinic. If you google yourself and nothing comes up do you exist? ...more

I promised I wouldn’t talk about horking

But I lied. I can’t help it. Horking follows me everywhere in Beijing. ...more

Just Say No

I’ve been doing this thing lately… this thing that everyone is taught at a young age, but then the lesson wears off and you start NOT doing this thing… and NOT doing this thing gets you in more trouble and wears you down and ruins your life, etc. etc. etc.  This thing… Just Saying NO. For the longest time I could not just say NO.   “Hey Keely, can you do such and such for me?”  Oh, why CERTAINLY!   “Keely, just one more thing… can you do this and that for me too?” ...more

Are you reaching for the wrong form of balance?

There are many women who believe there is this set, generic, ideal form of balance and continually struggle to reach this perfect work-life balance.   ...more

Course Correction

My parents, like most, tried to guide me to follow what they considered the “right path”. They wanted only the best for me and a large part of that resided in financial security. Security is always a good thing, but, I am starting to question two parts of that equation: one being whether adequate, or even abundant, finances truly give anyone a sense of security? ...more

Working Mothers, Careers and Ambivalence: What Else is New?

How appropriate.  Here I am with my first post as a mid-life blogger and the wonderful, wise Morra Aarons, a CE herself, offers a report that tells us that "The 2009 National Study of the Changing Workforce (NSCW), which polls 3500 U.S workers across all professional levels, shows that "for the first time, young women want just as much to advance to jobs ...more

Great post & discussion, Cindy!

I have a lot to say and a fussy baby in my ...more

Another Tuesday and another sick kid ;-)

So Zoraja is home with me today. She started coughing a few days ago, but it got worse yesterday. Last night it was so bad she started bringing stuff up. Once she did that, she was better and went on to sleep. ...more

Working together without compromising your marriage

While I never imagined that I would end up working for the family business, I love my job. And while it is very rewarding, working with family can also be a challenge. My husband, Harley, and I have worked together at Real Living for 12 years now, and it has been a great balancing act to maintain stability at home and at work. ...more

Reflections on an interesting life, or building a global education business!

Why blog? I've wanted to give it a try for ages so when a colleague came across BlogHer I saw my chance. I came to the conclusion recently that I have a pretty interesting life at the moment. It's not an exceptional life and it might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I hope to use this blog to reflect on what's happening and perhaps interact with others. ...more

Hello Gena,

You can't imagine how excited I was to find your posting. This is a red ...more