The Radical Act of Knitting: Mothers Warm Hearts World-Wide

Calling all knitters for peace!  Can a cozy inspire positive change?  Can it do more than warm our bodies but also warm our hearts?  Maybe not one cozy but perhaps 4,000 can.  Individuals and groups all over the world in places like; Turkey, the United States, South Africa, Chile, France, and even people in my home town are knitting their way towards a 150' quilt to drape across the fence in front of the White House that promotes peace during CODEPINK's historic Mother's Day event and vigil. ...more

I remember knitters gathering squares for quilts after natural disasters and the "wombs on ...more

Water bottles everywhere

Water water everywhere. We take it with us wherever we go.  First it was water bottles.  And sports drinks.  Then coffee cups.  Now all of these show up at any time.  I’m a bit amused at all of us acting like we’ll perish from dehydration if we don’t have a water bottle to hold onto.   I’m pretty sure that if we all worked out vigorously at the gym (who are we kidding about how often that happens?) we could drink enough water there to satisfy our thirst and make it home.  ...more

Will Ecuadorian Women Achieve Political Parity Tomorrow?

Citizens of the Republic of Ecuador will go to the polls Sunday for national elections. Lola Valladares, UNIFEM’s Coordinator for the Program on Governance and Violence Against Women for the Andean region, believes that Ecuadorian women will make historic advances towards parity in parliamentary representation.   ...more

The Holocaust: My Visit to Dachau, a Concentration Camp

Last Week, someone asked me the question, "What is the most memorable place you've ever been?" For me, it occured on July 5, 1995. I know the exact date, because it was the day after my 18th birthday. The place: Dachau Nazi Concentration Camp. (Survivors on Liberation Day: April 29, 1945) ...more

I promised I wouldn’t talk about horking

But I lied. I can’t help it. Horking follows me everywhere in Beijing. ...more

What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe?: A Green Activity Book About Reuse: Anna Alter

What Can You Do with an Old Red Shoe? An Activity Book About Reuse  By Anna Alter ...more

Yoga Gives Back: American Yogis in India

My Yoga Online has posted a feature article by Kino MacGregor. This article provides an inspirational view of Yoga Gives Back, an organization that has been supporting female entrepreneurs in developing countries like India. Enjoy this wonderful article offering insight into how one's Yoga practice can spread benefits across the globe. ...more

Oprah Is Why The French Hate Us

Oprah has been on television for more than 20 years, and within that time, she has failed educate her fans on anything more than superficial fads in diet, culture, and politics. As of today, Oprah has not once interviewed or educated her fat and frivolous fan with an educational retrospect on ballet, opera ( nd Potts the tenor doesn't count) painters, poets, or artist what so ever. Musicians were not featured unless they already grabbed an Emmy or were about to. And if you thought I forgot about Maya Angelou, you are wrong!! ...more

I never thought I would see somebody criticise the great Oprah. Well done I quite agree, even ...more

A Girl's Obsession: The L Word

For anyone who is a fan of the show, and maybe even those who are not but know that the show premiered quite some time ago, you must be thinking "Aren't you a little late?" The answer would be yes - six years too late to be exact. But as the saying goes, better late than never. And I couldn't agree more! ...more

Breaking Up With A Friend

Here’s a question that comes up a lot lately:  Do you still hear from her/him?  It used to feel like a badge of honor to say I’ve had the same friends forever, but some of them just don’t fit anymore.  I still cherish a few friendships that have endured through decades , but not all the people I used to know are people I want to be with today. When we were younger, we clumped together.  Birds of a feather for various reasons and various causes.  We formed parent groups, church groups, hobby groups, business associations and community activist groups. ...more