The Crimson Chronicles: Ep01A The Look of Love 200313

Mistress Raeven

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London's Dark Secret.

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     One of the things that simply is amazing is the fact that with all the information about sex flying around the basics seem to escape attention. Case in point: a young woman attending a recent seminar was horrified, absolutely horrified at the suggestion that she become intimate with her vagina. "That's nasty!" she blurted out before blushing furiously. Curiously enough, her initial query had been about how to establish intimacy...but it seems that she was unaccustomed to establishing intimacy with herself first.

     Ladies, one of the most important things you can do is to familiarise yourself with your own sexual anatomy. Take a mirror, get comfortable and really look at what you are working with. Notice the texture, shapes, sizes of the parts and the way they fit together. Take a good look at the pearl of great price. For this very item are wars fought, money changes hands, and the Internet has flourished. All for a mere glimpse of this organ.

     Don't be afraid to touch yourself, either. The reason that exhibits such as The Vagina Monologues and The Great Wall of Vaginas (, Mirror on the wall attract so many women is that it gives power, dignity, knowledge and legitimacy to that which gives life in one form or another.Art, culture and music are powered by regerences both blatant and oblique to the joys of womanly charms. Celebrate your body. Treat it with the respect and care it deserves.

     Instead of being cowed by societal "norms" and "standards" that denigrate the vagina and minimise its true potency, womankind needs to own the power beneath the crown and between their legs. Don't be afraid to enjoy, nay revel in the joy of discovering the seat of femininity. Just as examining your breasts every month is also an opportunity to enjoy how the body is made to respond to touch, so should the goodness of your own fingers on your own flesh be just as invigourating.

     After all, ladies, men are never afraid, shy, or unaccustomed to looking at, fondling and handling their "family jewels" at every given opportunity. Why should you be?


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