Crispy sesame shrimp fritter

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Crispy sesame shrimp fritter

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Crispy sesame shrimp fritter snacks that do not play this. The food is simple and can make children eat. And the benefits of sesame. Menu that will make your holiday a special one for me.
Fresh shrimp, peeled and cut back to 10.
1 bag of fried dough.
Cold water 1/2 cup.
1 tablespoon sesame oil.
Roasted white sesame seeds, lightly pounded 2 tbsp.
Corn oil for frying.
Sweet Chilli Sauce.
Fresh vegetables to taste.

How to make crispy sesame shrimp.

The fresh water to wash. Peeled and cut back the order. Water on the dried shrimp. Then brush with the sesame oil over the shrimp. Sprinkle with salt, pepper, and roasted sesame and white sesame seeds, lightly pounded and smell so sweet.

Season the shrimp and set aside for a moment the ingredients are well drained. Then can be mixed with wheat flour. Fried dough is ready, or you can also mix the dough very thin, not thick. Before the flood and fried in oil. Toward a medium heat. Until shrimp are golden brown, then scoop up a serving dish. I love the sauce. Or chicken sauce. The aroma of sesame. Mixed with the taste of shrimp. Eat a snack that is delicious and the menu.

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