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Is reacting emotionally towards a situation the opposite of acting maturely? I admit I am a highly emotional person. I go with my gut instinct. I know when something feels wrong before really thinking about why it feels wrong. Does that make me immature?

I looked up the meaning of maturity and it means to "act appropropriately". Well, given that I run with emotions, that definition pisses me off. "Acting appropriately" is so subjective. I think wearing my hair down is appropriate in a casual situation. A woman in Islam might think differently. If she was in America, saw me with my hair down, and advised me to put on a head scarf? Is she being appropriate? What if I was in Islam? Then it would be, wouldnt it? See? Subjective.

Another example: A Texas man recently beat to death (with his bare fist) a man. The victim was sexually assaulting the murderer's 5 year old daughter. Now, I'm not bringing up this case for a old fashioned discussion of "should he face charges?". My question is - did he act appropriately?

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