Cross Post - I Left My Tooth In Taipei

My adventure didn't start when I arrived in Taipei. In fact, it started right before I boarded my flight at JFK. Literally 20 minutes before I was about to board, I got an email saying my flight from Hong Kong to Taiwan was cancelled and that I needed to speak to an airline agent ASAP. I've never had a flight cancel on me before and, to make things a bit more complicated, I didn't have a phone on me! I left my phone in the US because I had some important apartment related appointments set up when I get back. I was afraid they were going to call to reschedule or something while I was out of the country so I left my phone with OG so that he can answer for me. (Kinda like a personal secretary. I like it!) 

I have my own little netbook and I purchased (aka the greedy bastards at the airport charged me for) wifi so thankfully I was online and was able to get the email. I was already at my gate so I went up to the desk and asked the agent what I should do. He calmly told me that this is something I would have to ask the travel agents in Hong Kong when I arrive. He assured me that there were plenty of flights going to Taiwan so getting me on a flight would be easy. Since there was nothing else he and I could do about the situation, I had no choice but to calm down and just wait. I'm not a very patient person but somehow, this time, I was calm. I was able to enjoy my flight, get some rest, and communicate via email (yay netbook!) to my family about the slight change of plans. Unfortunately, while I was calm, my dad was not.

My ride at the Hong Kong International Airport

When I arrived in Taipei, my mom and sister let me know that my dad was driving them mad with his worrying about my flight. He woke up at 4am (when my flight landed in HongKong) to check flight status and to keep checking his email to see if I sent him any news. My sister and mom kept reminding him that there's nothing they could do on their end and should just wait to hear from me. And probably told him to go back to sleep but not sure about that part...

Thankfully, I was able to get on the next flight out, which leaves only 20 minutes after my original flight was supposed to take off. Score! But enough about my flight. Moving on to my actual time spent in Taipei!

As soon as I landed, I was whisked home to shower, rest a little, and wait for my dad to come home for lunch. My mom cooked so I got a nice traditional home cooked meal for lunch! It was the usual spread that my parents like to have for a meal - Fish, veggies, meat, soup, rice (natch), and sliced fruit for the end of the meal.

The beginning spread (my mom added on more dishes towards the middle of the meal)

My mom made one of my favorites: Chicken soup with Bamboo shoots. UGH it's so amazing. I drank like 3 bowls. Here's some up close and personal photos of some of the dishes. 
My mom resteamed some left over peking duck using the rice cooker!

Bowl of Assorted Veggies and some pork stir fry

My favoriteeeeee - Bamboo and chicken soup

My mom gets her fish fresh from this fisherman whose recent-college-graduated-son decided to help his dad's business by selling it online and having their daily catches freshly delivered to your doorstep. (Like a cheese-of-the-month club but daily..and with aquatic animals)
Chang Family together again
(I was trying to make everyone, aka my mom laugh, to get a more natural smile out of her so I made a joke..Thus why everyone semes like they're on the verge of cracking up..and by everyone, I mean my mom and me).

As soon as dinner was over, I went for a dental check-up. Long story short, I had to get my wisdom tooth removed.   had a wisdom tooth removed before so the process wasn't new to me. He gave me a local anesthetic on the right side of my gums and cheek. He then sort of chiseled parts of the teeth out. He said that pulling it all out is the easy way but it leads to a lot more pain and a lot more swelling. Taking time to break the teeth bit by bit is more time consuming but in the long run, I would suffer less. 
The doc was right. My swelling was bare minimal and  it's been two days since my tooth removal and I feel nothing! I'm not on pain killers today so I really don't feel anything!
So that's my first day in Taipei. :) Good ol' family fun times + a dental procedure.

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