Cross Post: Loving My Inner Child

I am a mom to two kids. First, I am a mom to my Samson kitty. And second, I am a mom to my own inner child. This “child” lives within me.  She is the little girl that I once denied, but now welcome and nurture with open arms. I am now a parent to her the way I would be to any child. She is the sweet little girl that I protect when the world wants to harm her.

She…is ME.

Sometimes my inner child gets sad, and the world tells her to suck it up, grow up, and get over it. The world tells her that she is weak and too sensitive. The world tells her that her vulnerability is not okay. But it’s my job to tell her that it is okay. That her feelings, whatever they are…are okay. It is my job to assure her that she can be as sad as she wants and to take as much time as she needs to cry her tears of healing. When my inner child is hurting, it matters to me. I give her a hug and tell her she is strong. I tell her that she is beautiful. I tell her that I love her and that I will never leave her…

I read a lovely affirmation today that prompted the words above. I wanted to share it with you. May it give you the courage to embrace your own inner child, no matter what he/she is going through…

"My inner child heals through grieving. Today I will accept my inner child’s sadness. Occasional bouts of melancholy are my inner child’s way of healing through grieving. I will not fear this feeling when it comes; I may cry, for tears often cleanse the soul of its residue of sadness. As an adult child, I may always feel a lingering depression. There may always be a “hole” inside me that nothing can quite fill. Maturity means coming to accept life on its own terms— even if that entails learning to live with a sense of loss—without concluding that there’s something “wrong” with me. The child within me was told that sadness was unacceptable. Today I will allow [her] the freedom to feel sad. As [she] grieves, I will love and comfort [her]. Despite the losses of yesterday, this day glistens before me with all the rich hues of hope and promise." -Rokelle Lerner

Quotation source: Lerner, Rokelle (2010-01-01). Affirmations for the Inner Child (p. 231). Health Communications. Kindle Edition.

***If you are unsure of what your “inner child” is, then this post may not be for you. Connecting with your inner child is truly life changing. If you want to know more about the child within, and about healing the child within, send me a message, or comment on this post and I can recommend some great books for you to read.


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