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The apartment hunting process in NYC is a pain in the butt. Finding shelter in this big town is a far cry from "sane", let alone "ideal". I've driven OG to madness at least 3 times in the past 2 days. I've actually never seen him so upset with me before until last night, which I'll get to later. It really put a strain on our relationship because I was on pins and needles for the past couple of weeks

My lease ends July 1st and I did not renew it because a) my roommate is moving out and moving in with her boyfriend (so excited for her!) so I can't afford to live in it by myself and b) the shape & size of my apartment is not someplace I can stay in for another year without going crazy

After scouring the internet (, street easy, naked apartments, and the almighty list of craig), I scheduled some appointments to physically go on the apartment hunt. I've looked at around 6 - 7 apartments (I lost count) all around New York, diligently dragging OG along with me on each viewing.

I wanted his opinion and he's probably going to spend a good amount of time there; thus, his opinion does matter. I felt the pressure and every day that I lost without signing a lease just increased the heat. I didn't know it, but OG was feeling the pressure too.  Given the fact the name of the game in our industry is "figure out a way and get shit done ASAP", the apartment hunting process is like the exact opposite of what we're familiar with. We're used to being the problem-solver and the point person for clients with any questions or concerns. Putting the power in another person's hands and tasking them to find something to meet our needs is the most unnatural thing for us. This whole process just threw us for a stress loop.

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