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Warning, if you have a weakness for frozen dairy delights, I'll advise you to grab your own bowl of tasty goodness before you read my recap of yesterday. Why, you ask?

Because yesterday, I spent the entire afternoon at the 3rd annual ICE CREAM SUNDAY FESTIVAL at the New Amsterdam Market down by the South Street Seaport. Tickets were a pricey $25 each but with each ticket came with 8 vouchers for a mini scoop of your choosing at the different ice cream booths they had. There were 11 different ice cream vendors present and each booth had at least 4 different flavors to try. That's over 44 flavors!

 Aren't these mini-cones so adorable? 

I went with OG and Mwaji. In hind sight, we could've easily just gotten one ticket and split the 8 scoops amongst us. Instead, we splurged and each got a ticket. If you do the math, that means we could eat 16 mini scoops between the two of us. YIKES! But then again, 16 is not even half of the flavors available so we could've done a lot worse.

There were non-ice cream vendors at the festival and thank god for that. I was able to get some savory in my belly (in the form of tacos by Lonestar Taco) before the attack of the sugar. Not gonna lie, we didn't manage to finish all 16 ice cream vouchers. We made it through 10. Not bad considering the amount of ice cream we consumed.

OG and I only made it through 6 out of 11 vendors, which is a tribute to our will power. Quite proud of the fact that we knew when to quit while we were ahead and, quite literally, walk away from it all. We felt so full with cream and sugar that we walked all the way back to Williamsburg. As per google maps, that is roughly a 4.5 mile walk! Needless to say, Mwaji was exhausted by the time we got home. To be fair though, I carried her 90% of the time we were at the market. There was just too many foot traffic and she got overwhelmed.

So enough chatter. Here are the different flavors OG and I tried!

Left: "the Fowl Triple" - 3x scoops each made of a different egg - Ostrich, Duck, & Quail
Right - Sungold Tomato & Nectorine Sorbet
Hay Ice Cream - it actually did taste like hay! It was quite good but I only made it through 3x bites before feeling like a horse with a saddle bag...OG finished the rest.


Goat Milk Ice Cream - I found this a little disappointing because I couldn't quite taste the "goatiness". OG said he could, though, so I guess it's more of a personal preference.


Top: Bourban Sweet Corn + Blackberry - Very heavy on the bourbon with entire blackberries mixed into the ice cream. An adult delight
Bottom: Salty Caramel - Creamy and rich which balances out the salty caramel


Left: Caramelized Honey w/ Candied Black Walnuts - Overloaded with the honey flavor. It tasted like I put a whole teaspoon of fresh honey into my mouth. A little overwhelming
Right: I got myself a hot cup of coffee from Pushcart Coffee to help balance all the ice cream


Our favorite of the day! Top: Manjari Chocolate - creamy and not overly chocolatey. I could eat a whole pint of this!
Bottom: Sea Salt + Caramel - Actual sea salt caramel bits in the ice cream. WIN!
We went back for 2nds on this one!
As for the Mwaj, don't worry. Even though she didn't get any ice cream, she still had fun. Since the market is outdoors, many people brought their furry family members too!
Taking a sniff of the bourbon.

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