Crunches on the Couch

As I was lying on the sofa reading the latest (fabulous Charleston) edition of Southern Living I was struck by the fact that other than reading, I was doing nothing. Not a single thing. I was not reading while cleaning the kitchen or reading while watching the kiddos or reading while waiting on laundry . . . I was simply, reading. So, I figured I needed this lull in life needed bumping up and, well, "exercise!" came to mind. Now, "Jenny Gym-a-holic" I am not, but I enjoy physical activity (I am not yet quite ready to discuss my dance class online for the world to see, but we may get there) and a nice exercise at the moment seemed just the ticket.

As I looked around my rather unkept den I thought to myself, "Now, where should I perform these feats of exercise?" and, being mightily comfortable there on the couch, I though, "Why not right here?" So I began. A few legs up and arms out crunches were accomplished today by The Preacher's Wife - quite comfortably - on the couch.

Did they work? My lower abdominals tell me, "Yes." I am not sure that any trainer or gym rat on the face of the planet would agree, but here I am, hours later with a bit of soreness (unrelated to dance class sore) and a tail bone that is not yelping in attempted exercise agony (it does that on occasion). So, here's my vote - CRUNCHES ON THE COUCH! Be comfortable and flat-bellied all at the same time. Why not?


Because I don't know any other way to be,


Psalm 147:11


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