A Crunchy Baby Registry: 34 Things You NEED (or should make) Before Baby Comes

(Comparison of three cloth: http://baroquestar.livejournal.com/176873.html;

Patterns: http://handmadebyrita.blogspot.com/2008/02/want-velcroaplix-closing-aio-pocket.html or http://diapersewing.wordpress.com/2006/12/07/sized-diaper-pattern/)


Baby chewing on wipes

You can make your own wipes pretty easily, but you will want disposables on hand for travel or for really special messes. We use wipes all over the house for all kinds of things. You can make cloth wipes, or use paper towels and make your own wipe solution to control the chemicals in your home. Extra Tip: If you live in a really cold climate or can’t afford to keep the house very warm you will want a wipe warmer. There’s nothing like a cold wipe in a cold house to make a baby scream. I got one from eBay.

(Cloth: http://www.myhappycrazylife.com/make-your-own-cloth-wipes/ or http://www.make-baby-stuff.com/cloth-diaper-wipes.html;

DIY paper: http://www.whitehouseblackshutters.com/2010/03/homemade-organic-baby-wipes.html or http://thesensiblemom.com/2012/08/diy-baby-wipes/)



Baby with bottle

Hopefully you are breastfeeding and you just need a few bottles just in case something happens (Murphy’s Law again). Choose glass or bpa free. I still sterilize (boil) bottles when I get them, but after that I just use hot soapy water. I worked in a factory and I know I want to boil them.

Extra tip: Don’t use used nipples, just buy new ones.


You need formula even if you are going to breastfeed exclusively. Something could happen (‘ware Murphy’s Law!) and the child could need feeding when you aren’t available. While pumping or expressing is a great plan in theory, this is an important backup. One of those little cans of generic powdered formula is $10-15. However I signed up for the newsletters from the major formula companies and I got some really good coupons from them that took a third off that. Now that I told you to buy formula, you need to breastfeed. Formula is the most expensive baby item, costing even more than disposable diapers. A newborn will eat about 20 ounces of formula a day (it varies a lot based on weight, and her appetite will change daily). It takes one ounce of powder to make two ounces of formula. If powder is $0.58/ounce then formula is $0.29/ounce. That’s $5.80/day, $174/month, or $1,537/year! On top of that breastfed babies poop less, don’t get sick as much, aren’t admitted to the hospital as much, get fewer ear infections (of my four kids we’ve only had one ear infection), don’t get diaper rash as much, have fewer allergies, are less fussy and spit up less, have a lower risk of asthma, and obesity, and goodness knows what else they haven’t even figured out yet. Never mind the benefits to mom. And it’s free (except for the fact that you actually have to feed mom about a million calories a day).

Extra Tip: It is not recommended that you buy used breast pumps.

Nipple cream

#1 solution: Nakey Boobies

Try this goo: coconut oil

Just because breastfeeding is natural does not mean it comes easily. I had trouble with the latch of kid #3, for goodness sake. You don’t need to handicap yourself with boo boos on your boobies. Soreness, cracking and bleeding all hurt and make breastfeeding painful, but nipple creams or coconut oil and fresh air can help prevent them. Start conditioning your nipples during your third trimester: slather on whatever goo you prefer. I know this seems weird before you have the kid, but you’ll thank yourself later. After feeding baby leave your tatas hanging in the breeze (when at home, not in public) for a couple minutes to dry out. If any wandering hubbys get ideas just squirt them, that should discourage the less determined ones. Then apply your goo. It is important to air your boobies out. Don’t keep them smothered all the time. They need air.

(http://www.passionatehomemaking.com/2010/08/homemade-natural-postpartum-care-kit.html or http://leastlikely2breed.net/recipes/nursing-or-breastfeeding-balm-ttnr)

Nursing pads

You may get disposable nursing pads at your baby shower. You can easily make reusable nursing pads. You want both kinds. When your milk comes in and you are squirting everywhere you need disposables, you have to change them so often it’s not practical to just have reusables. I layered both until I stopped soaking my shirts. Once your milk supply is established you can switch to just reusables. You can get both kinds at big box stores, or even eBay.

(http://walkingwithdancers.blogspot.com/2011/05/homemade-contoured-nursing-pads.html or http://leakyboob.blogspot.com/2010/04/got-leaky-boobs-diy-breast-pads.html)


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