Cry Baby, Stick Your Finger in Your Eye

We all heard it as kids, the classic

Cry baby, cry baby
Stick your finger in your eye
Tell your mother it wasn't I

Okay, I looked up that last line. I only knew the first two. Still, it's just not cool to cry in public, especially when you are young.

I'm not a crier, in general. A good book can cause a lump to form in my throat, making it hard to swallow, and even cause a tear to fall down my cheek. A sad movie might cause several tears, but full-out crying... it's been a long time.

I'm more of a cry-out-of-frustration sort. If I'm crying, I've reached the end of my rope. So, I find it even harder to want people to see me cry. If I'm at that point, I'm about to crumble and have reached a heightened state of vulnerability.

Plus, I fight a cry. You know what I'm talking about. I'm the one waving my hand in front of my face (someone please explain to me why that helps!) while saying, "I think I'm going to cry."

Happy tears are something I've never understood. If I'm crying, I ain't happy. Being overcome with happy, excited, or proud moments doesn't usually bring tears... it brings joy and hyperactivity! I didn't cry at my wedding, but I danced with a fervor that shouldn't be allowed (might have been a bit aided by alcohol).

For those that find tears cleansing and therapeutic, it might be different. For me, I don't like the feeling of helplessness of someone seeing me losing control. Good friends and family only. Aren't they so lucky?

Do you mind people seeing you cry? What usually brings on the tears?

Tia is the award-winning author of Depression Cookies, an avid blogger, and a freelance editor. She’s also mom to three girls ages 12, 10, and 7.


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