Looking Into the Crystal Ball of Another Life

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[Editor's Note: Have you ever felt yourself staring at another family and thinking, "That could have been us. If only..." Katy at Bird on the Street recently had a "crystal ball" type moment when a new family moved in across the street. Her mother-in-law made a comment about the future, leaving Katy and her husband to look at what might have been -- and what might be. -Jenna]

Crystal Ball:

Captured In CrystalWe stood there and watched for a bit. A scene we know nothing about–the running legs of the little boy, the effortlessness with which he caught the ball–it’s all completely foreign to us. And while my Mother in Law referenced the future, thinking of the twins, in a way we were also looking at what might have been. Had life taken a different direction, it might have been us tossing the ball with our son. Instead, he played on the floor inside, his legs still more of burden than an asset.

Photo Credit: garryknight.

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