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Summer is almost here, and now that the weather is heating up, staying hydrated is more important than ever.  Here are three things I like to do in order to stay cool:

1) Run along a beach.

2) Shower under a waterfall.

 3) Have a bronzed pool boy wipe your brow with a cool towel while you lie on a pool lounge, sipping mai tais.

See, this just goes to show you what happens when you don't get enough fluids into you: you begin to hallucinate.  Much as I would love it, my back yard does *not* open up onto a tropical paradise, so I'm forced to find more realistic ways to stay fresh and hydrated in the summer heat.  Here are my top three ways to keep cool in suburbia:

1) Get Wet!

I may not have easy access to a pool or a waterfall, but I love splashing my face with cool water on scorching hot days.  When the thermometer hits 3 digits in the shade, the rest of me begs for the same treatment -- but I'm too lazy to join my kids in backyard water gun fights and too self-conscious to ditch the sarong and frolic in my swimsuit at the local pool.  My method of choice for some wet, splashy fun is washing the minivan with the kids. It cools me off, keeps the kids entertained, gets the car clean all at the same time!

2) Eat Water

When you're cool on the inside, you're cool on the outside -- so getting enough water on those hot, hot days is a must.  I always have a difficult time meeting that daily requirement of 6 to 8 glasses of water, so I like to eat lots of foods with high water content.  And with so many fruits and vegetables coming into season, it's easy to do. In the summer I love chilled soups like gazpacho (Spanish vegetable soup) or avgolemono (Greek lemon soup) and salads.  For a sweet treat, we eat slices of watermelon and popsicles made with chocolate pudding or flavored drinks like Crystal Light Fruit Punch.  

3) Grab a Big, Tall Beverage

Despite all the tips and tricks at one's disposal for keeping cool, when all is said and done, there is nothing like a cold, cold drink for quenching thirst on a hot, hot day.

No, not that kind.

Syrupy and sweet drinks drinks only make me thirstier, and they're loaded with sugar.  But I'm not the Hoover Dam -- there's only so much water I can drink.  I admit, plain water can be boring.  So I like to jazz up plain water by adding slices of lemon or lime. If I can make a sweet drink without any sugar, that's even better!  So I always keep canisters of Crystal Light beverages like their Iced Tea or Orange Sunrise on hand; that way, I can make myself a cool, refreshing drink without worrying about calories, carbs or sugar.   

I may not have the pool or the pool boy, but I can always mix up my own mai tai.  Or Crystal Light skinny mini.  Or whatever quenches my thirst!

For a chance to win $1,000, tell me how you stay hydrated in the summer heat in a comment below. Don't forget to check back for my next post on June 14th for another chance to win!

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